Episode 287

Australian Air Date: 18th April 1989
UK Air Date: 22nd March 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Tina Butler

Stacey and Bobby don’t see eye to eye. Fisher becomes suspicious when the church dance is sold out.

First episode. Young ruffian who drifted into town to cause trouble.
Was questioned by Sally during her search for Lance.

Extended Summary

Rebecca wants to go with Steven on the dirty dancing competition. He wants to go with her too.

Sally try to tell Steven and Carly that Lance is missing but no one believes her.

Celia thinks the dirty dancing will be a regular school dance. She isn’t aware of the dirty dancing part!

Carly talks to Bobby about the ultimatum she gave Andrew earlier. (Emotional music plays)

Sally looks for Lance at many places but can’t find him.

Dodge appears in Summer Bay and steals candy from Sally.

Rebecca and Steven practise dancing in Fisher’s house and they kiss.

Celia sells a lot of tickets to the dirty dancing competition.

Fisher comes home while Steven and Rebecca are dancing. He still doesn’t like them spending so much time together.

Dodge buys food in Celia’s store but when he have eaten it he tries to walk away without paying. He only has a few bucks and Celia let it pass just this one.

Fisher finds out that Martin is responsible for the dance competition. Fisher is worried.

Fisher asks Rebecca if something shifty is going on with the school dance since Martin is organising it.

Stacey and Bobby still can’t get on living together. Stacey wants to move out.

Bobby says to Frank that she wants Stacey to move out.

Fisher tells Celia that he will be at school dance to see that everything is going well. He is worried the dance won’t be in control.

When Frank was about to tell Phil that he and Stacey have to move out since Stacey and Bobby can’t get on living together, Phil tell Frank that he and Stacey want to move out so everything works out ok without any hard feelings.

Fisher finds out by Sally that the school dance is a dirty dancing competition. He tell Rebecca that he have cancelled the whole thing and that he is very disappointed since she lied to him that it was just a ordinary school dance.

Ola Carlsson, 1999