Episode 79

Australian Air Date: 5th May 1988
UK Air Date: 1st June 1989
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Gaye Arnold

Danny finds an outlet for his frustration, while Alf and Ailsa’s engagement is in doubt.

Schoolgirl who asked Carly to join her after ‘Mikado’ rehearsals.

Extended Summary

Danny accepted Tom and Pippa’s offer about coming with them to Summer Bay.

Tom and Lynn play tennis and Tom throws the ball to Danny. Danny catches the ball and plays a while with with Tom and Lynn. Danny was very good at sports before he ended up in the wheelchair so that’s the reason he feels so frustrated about being stuck in the wheelchair.

Samuels leads his sports class and Steven and the others of his class are out running and are working very hard.

Samuels tells Steven not to get so worked up by Danny’s situation. Samuels says that Steven must concentrate only on his training.

When Danny is alone outside Tom and Pippa’s house, he plays with a tennis racket and a ball but gets frustrated and hits the ball hard that it hits a flower in Pippa’s garden! Danny throws the racket. He misses the good old days when he could play sports.

The training for the school musical with Foley and Celia as leaders continue.

Carly thinks Foley is very nice.

Alf and Ailsa argue again because he fired Frank and that she gave Frank a job in her store instead.

Ailsa is very angry with Alf and gives him the engagement ring back.

Steven finds out that Danny was a great sportsman before his accident in Vietnam War.

Ailsa, Floss and Neville are having dinner at the Fletchers. Danny gets the totally wrong idea about Ailsa and thinks that Pippa set her up as a date for Danny.

Danny is hostile to Ailsa. When they have left, Tom is upset and tells Danny that it was no set-up. Ailsa was just eating with them because she just split up with Alf.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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