Episode 191

Australian Air Date: 10th October 1988
UK Air Date: 6th November 1989
Writer: Anne Brooksbank
Director: Chris Adshead

Bob tells Gary he could press charges against Carly and Steve.

Nineteenth appearance, last seen in #188. Advised Gary that he could press charges against Carly and Steven.

Extended Summary

Carly and Gary come into Celia’s store. Pippa is very surprised. Carly and Gary talk (she has the tape recorder on). She says to Gary that she knows he is the one who attacked her. He gets angry and threatens her that she will be in big trouble if she keeps on pushing him (Carly tapes it).

There is a funny scene in Stacey’s office when Martin says M and L Professional Stirring Team – Martin and Lance stirred up trouble with Celia to get her to sell the store.

Celia comes to Stacey to try to change her mind when Stacey said she won’t buy Celia’s store. But Stacey won’t buy it.

Steven and Carly play the tape to Sgt Barnett. He gets angry at them and says that is illegal to tape another person’s conversation without the person knowing about it. Carly is upset.

Carly cries in her room. Pippa says she does not think that Gary is guilty. Carly feels as if no one believes her. (Emotional music plays)

Lance and Martin want to buy Celia’s store but she does not like the idea!

Barnett tells Gary that he was secretly taped on a tape recorder and he explains that Gary can press charges but he says he won’t.

Tom goes over to Jeff ‘s place and talks to Gary.

Lance and Martin offer Celia lots of money and she is now interested to selling it to them. Ailsa tries to talk her out of it.

Barnett talks to Gary at the beach. He says that a girl was attacked last night in Yabbie Creek under the same circumstances as when Carly was attacked. He shows Gary a picture description of the attack man and it looks a lot like Gary. Barnett now wants Gary to be in a suspect line-up.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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