Episode 157

Australian Air Date: 23rd August 1988
UK Air Date: 19th September 1989
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Paul Moloney

Bobby and Alan head to the city to try to talk some sense into Ailsa.

First episode. Former priest. Old friend of Ailsa’s who helped her during her period of absence from Summer Bay.
Was tricked by Alan into disclosing details on Ailsa.

Extended Summary

Floss was serving breakfast to Sally when she stated that the baby was exactly seven hours and sixteen minutes old so Floss retorted that she had better finish her breakfast otherwise she wouldn’t see the baby until it was one year old. Sally found it funny having breakfast so late and Neville replied that that was what happened if she went to bed at 2.30 am. All of Sally’s friends were in Maths class but she was going to school in the afternoon. Tom rang the hospital, spoke to the Sister about Pippa and told her that they would be there in an hour. Pippa and baby were fine and she was feeding him at that moment. Floss and Neville asked if they had thought of a name for the baby and were guessing while Tom was eating his breakfast. They had decided to name the baby Christopher which got Neville’s tick of approval. Neville asked how Carly wanted her eggs but Tom mentioned that she was already at the hospital with a surprise. Sally thought that it was unfair of her to go ahead of the family but when she guessed the surprise was Lynn all was forgotten and she wanted to tell Steven about it, she was told to finish her breakfast first.

Steven was running late for breakfast, he bumped right into Phillip so while helping him to pick up his towel and questioned why Narelle kissed Phillip instead of him as he was supposed to be a 10 out of 10 kisser. Phillip said that everyone was excited about the news and that Narelle wasn’t his type or age. Steven was afraid that Narelle had lost interest in him and that he would be dumped as it had never happened to him before. Phillip’s advice to Steven was to show Narelle that he’s a 10 out of 10 kisser while Steven wanted to take the “dump her before he got dumped” approach.

At the Bait shop, Narelle priced stock without anything in the pricing gun as she was thinking about Phillip. Alf walked in and told her to do a stock take on the beer before noticing that Narelle wasn’t with it. Alf thought that Narelle liked Steven but she told him that she had kissed Phillip at the hospital and he felt like he could really be a good kisser. Narelle wanted to put Phillip to the test – if you find a good kisser it’s like a chemical reaction. So instead of doing the stock take, she went off to find Phillip much to Alf’s bewilderment.

Sally finished making a card for Chris while Floss made finishing touches to Sally’s hair ribbon, Neville gave Tom a present for Pippa which was a box of chocolates and Tom gathered the family to go to the hospital. Narelle arrived asked where Phillip was, greeted everyone and preceded to go upstairs. She bumped into him in his underwear and kissed him in front of Steven before he retreated into the room to get dressed. Narelle apologised to Steven and said that Phillip was at least a 12 in the kissing department.

Narelle was trying to explain why she had kissed Phillip while Steven was trying to convince her that he was dumped. Neville washed the dishes and tried to find out what had just happened while Floss didn’t want to interfere. Bobby came to hurry Steven along as they were all waiting for him and she overheard the last part of the conversation. Bobby said that Steven wasn’t really that into Narelle and that he didn’t want the kids at school to know that he was dumped by her. Floss and Neville were reminiscing about their youth, how when Neville was Steven’s age that he was dumped more times than a wet football and that Floss was the only one who was wise enough about her choice.

Pippa showed Christopher off to the family. Steven held him first with advice from Bobby, after the family left Bobby had a private session of holding him. She told Pippa that she wasn’t going to school instead she was heading off to the City with Alan to find Ailsa as she had a PO Box number there and that she was going to hang around until she turned up. She also wanted to tell her the good news about Christopher’s arrival which Bobby had hoped that that would bring her back. Pippa thought that it wouldn’t bring her back to Alf yet but Bobby said that it would at least give them a chance. Sally played with the water fountain, which annoyed Steven in the process, and she wondered how long it would take for Tom to talk to the doctors. Alan arrived to pick Bobby up. Steven told him that he was not looking forward to going to school in the afternoon now that Narelle had dumped him. Alan bumped into Bobby in the corridor and she wanted to go and do something important in town before heading off to the City.

Bobby gave Alf the address of the post office where Ailsa rented her post office box from and told him that if he had any guts that he would come down with them. He thought that there was no point because as soon as Ailsa saw him then she would run a mile. Bobby encouraged Alf to fight for Ailsa’s love even after all that he had said to her but he felt that it would be better if Bobby could persuade Ailsa to come home otherwise there would be a confrontation and he would just like to let things run its course.

Steven was dressed in his uniform ready to go to school, Floss especially made him some avocado sandwiches for lunch and he retreated into the kitchen. Phillip gave him some good advice about being dumped, facts and its presentation. He gave a poem for Steven to memorize so he needed a pen.

Narelle thought that Phillip was so grown up and hunky, Alf was in his own world and then announced to her to mind the shop for a few hours while he went out. Phillip arrived just as Alf was leaving and he commented that he was a man on a mission. Phillip was also on a mission and needed Narelle’s help with Steven and how she could break up with him again but in a different way.

Outside the City Post Office, Bobby’s plan of action was to wait for Ailsa so Alan brought a picnic for them to share. They made a toast with orange juice to a wild afternoon outside the post office and also to Ailsa. Alan suggested that she talk to Ailsa about the emotional aspects like Pippa’s baby and to not come on too harsh otherwise she won’t come around if Bobby started to hassle her.

Alan talked about making it in the pro surfing world and needing a sponsor to supply the boards, wetsuits, transport costs and so on. Bobby encouraged him to find a sponsor and suggested that they could look for one in the afternoon although Alan thought he looked like a “scrag” and she agreed. Bobby grew impatient and felt that Ailsa had already picked up the mail in the morning, so Alan had a plan and that she had to trust him. Alan’s plan was that he had a personal letter to deliver for Ailsa, he wanted the lady at the counter to give it to him but when that failed he asked if she had picked up her mail, so the lady went to have a look for him. Ailsa hadn’t collected her mail yet and according to the lady she collected her mail daily so far. They were happy that the plan worked, Bobby gave Alan a kiss on the cheek so he took her aside and kissed her, before leaving and headed towards the car. Alf was parked in the street and saw them walk away.

Alison and her group of friends gossiped about Steven, saying that Sally told her class that Steven and Narelle were no longer together. Alyce was afraid that she was missing out on something with Steven. Narelle waltzed into the school, confronted Steven about dumping her and wanted an explanation. He said that he was still young, wanted a change and then recited the poem before apologising to her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Steven’s reputation was still in tact thanks to Phillip’s plan, he started to daydream about Alyce Davis and was thankful that Narelle was such a nice girl.

Alf waited in the car and hid his face from view when he spotted Ailsa while Bobby spotted her and followed her. She wasn’t surprised to see Bobby there though and Bobby gave her the news about the birth but never revealed the sex of the baby so that Ailsa would visit on her own accord. Ailsa didn’t think that she would visit but Bobby didn’t buy her excuses now or in the letter and told Ailsa that she needed to face her problems just like the advice she gave Bobby in the past. They parted but not before Bobby told her to take care. Alf followed Ailsa and stopped when he saw her talking to a man about Bobby and why she was delayed at the post office. The man gave her a hug, he told her that things were going to work out just fine and Alf was left speechless.

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