Episode 13

Australian Air Date: 3rd February 1988
UK Air Date: 1st March 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Chris Adshead

Lance auditions for a place in the band, while Carly takes up karate.

First appearance. Member of Frank’s rock band.

Extended Summary

Lance sees a note Frank on the notice board in Ailsa’s store. Frank and Roo are looking for a bassplayer and background vocalist.

Steven teaches Carly some karate.

Lynn and Nico become good friends.

Lynn tells Nico to go to the caravan park to see if Sally and the rest of her family are missing her. While he’s there, Martin and Lance pick on him again.

Lance and Martin audition for Frank’s band. Martin is taken to the band and Lance becomes roadie for the group.

Nico is very upset and tells Lynn to give him back his pills but she won’t. A bit later she gets angry and throws the pills at Nico because those pills get him addicted. He will try not to take the pills anymore. Lynn tells him he can trust her that he will go without the pills.

Ola Carlsson, 1999