Episode 5162

Australian Air Date: 14th September 2010
UK Air Date: 26th October 2010
Writer: Andrew Osborne
Director: Jet Wilkinson

Indi confesses she may be in love with Romeo. Sid unleashes a rant on Mitzy. Paulie and Angelo go to the races to bail Paulie out of his troubles.

Extended Summary

After finding photos of Tulip plastered over his room, Alf sets about removing them. The whole house is worried about his mood and Mitzy senses that he is frightened about something which he cannot face, and as a result he feels like a coward. Marilyn disagrees, saying that Alf would stand up to anyone or anything, but Mitzy is sure. He’s facing a difficult journey, one which he has to take by himself. Marilyn asks Alf about it the next day, but Alf snaps at them to stop worrying about him.

When seeing Romeo at school, Dex teases Indi, saying she’s in love with Romeo, and she is immediately uncomfortable. Romeo tries to talk to her about it, but she brushes it aside, leaving him even more curious. Later, she admits the reason she got so uncomfortable was because she thinks she may love him a little bit. Romeo is left stunned.

Sid and Indi are worried about Dex–he’s acting very normal, which for him is strange. Sid thinks the incident with Mitzy has really had an effect on him, and he decides to let Mitzy know exactly how he feels. After giving Mitzy an earful, Marilyn is upset with Sid. They had agreed that she would handle the situation, but Sid didn’t feel Marilyn had done enough. Mitzy is well aware she stepped over the line. Marilyn is concerned to hear about Dex’s problems and when he later comes around to put things straight, she offers to talk with him. She helps him move past the issue with Mitzy, and the one he had with her.

Paulie has decided the only way to come up with the money to pay off his bookies is to go to the races and win it. Angelo doesn’t like this plan, but they have little options. Paulie invites Nicole and Charlie to come with them, but Angelo is nervous about this, and makes sure they know nothing of the plan.

Nicole and Charlie are approached to enter the Fashions in the Field competition. Nicole, needing something to take her mind off her troubles, is keen to enter and encourages Charlie to enter the competition with her. After winning on one race, Paulie wants to let it all ride again, and Angelo thinks this is ridiculous. He doesn’t want to keep going.

Scene cut from episode:
Nicole presses Romeo to reveal whether he and Indi “did it”, but he tells her they didn’t. They’re in a really good place right now, and sex will come when it comes.

Guest Cast

Paolo Rosetta (Ryan Johnson)
Mitzy Fraser (Helen Dallimore)
Emmanuelle (Fifi Box)

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