Episode 5161

Australian Air Date: 13th September 2010
UK Air Date: 25th October 2010
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: Jet Wilkinson

Miles is worried about Alf. Xavier wants to tell John the truth about April’s proposal. Bianca is torn about Vittorio’s impending arrival.

Extended Summary

Miles is concerned about Alf’s mood, but he can’t get him to open up. He tries several times to see what’s bothering him, and although it’s clear something is, Alf refuses to let Miles in. He convinces Irene to talk to him, but even she can’t get him to open up. A further encounter with Penn doesn’t do anything to lighten his mood, and at the end of the day when Alf returns to his room, he discovers that Penn has broken in and planted pictures of Tulip everywhere.

John has embraced April’s hybrid bus scheme and is moving forward with it, he’s got his accountant looking into things and is even running the idea past Colleen. But Xavier is upset by John’s enthusiasm, aware April hasn’t been completely truthful with John about it. He tries to convince April to come clean with John, but she doesn’t want to. She thinks the scheme is a good idea, and that John will see that too. Gina smells something is up with Xavier, but he manages not to spill the beans to her. But the guilt overwhelms him and he gives April an ultimatum: either she tells John or he will. He can’t handle this anymore. He tries to tell John the truth, but John reacts in a pig headed way, cutting Xavier off before he can say anything.

Bianca was unable to stop Vittorio from coming to the Bay, and Liam is bitter about it, thinking he’s the second choice. Bianca isn’t sure how she feels about Vittorio’s visit, because she’s not sure how she feels about him or Liam. Liam is also torn, not sure what to do about it, but he realises he needs to talk to Bianca. They make their peace–neither want to keep fighting. But he tells her that she can’t have it both ways, she will have to decide eventually. And until she does, he doesn’t want to be around her.

Guest Cast

John Palmer (Shane Withington)
Penn Graham (Christian Clark)

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