Episode 5163

Australian Air Date: 15th September 2010
UK Air Date: 27th October 2010
Writer: Adam Dolman
Director: Jet Wilkinson

Romeo struggles to deal with Indi’s feelings. Mitzy has something important to tell Marilyn, but she can’t. Paulie’s plan at the races completely fails.

Extended Summary

After Indi has told him that she loves him, Romeo isn’t sure what to do. He can’t say it back, which Indi doesn’t take well, and as much as she tries to assure him everything is okay, he just doesn’t seem himself. Indi is worried about what this means, she can’t eat, and the news that Sid has bought the farm for them to live is the last thing she cares about. She meets up with Romeo who tells her that she’s moving way too fast for him, and the only option he has is for them to break up. Indi is completely heartbroken.

Mitzy tells Marilyn she thinks she’s ruined everything by coming to the Bay–she’s done everything wrong. But Marilyn assures her she’s glad that Mitzy came. Mitzy wants to tell Marilyn something but decides the time isn’t right, so she puts it off. A parcel arrives for Alf–it’s a box full of the photos he took down from his room and threw out. However this time, Tulip’s eyes have been crossed out on each one of them.

Alf is shaken, clearly Penn is trying to drive him crazy. When Marilyn comes up to his room she can see something is wrong, but he changes the subject and heads back downstairs.

At the races, Paulie can’t believe his “let it ride” system has failed. They’ve lost all their winnings but Paulie wants to try again with their original money. Angelo refuses. While on the catwalk for Fashions on the Field, Charlie spots a pickpocket and chases him down, before finishing her walk on the runway.

When Charlie discovers what Angelo and Paulie are actually doing at the track she’s completely disgusted. Angelo can say nothing to talk her out of her anger. Angelo pulls the plug on the betting, much to Paulie’s dismay. Having impressed the judge Emmanuelle with her performance, Charlie later wins Fashions on the Field, but she is no longer in the mood to celebrate.

Guest Cast

Paolo Rosetta (Ryan Johnson)
Mitzy Fraser (Helen Dallimore)
Emmanuelle (Fifi Box)

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