Episode 4845

Australian Air Date: 1st May 2009
UK Air Date: 15th May 2009

Brendan gets covered in blood, but did it happen by accident or was it on purpose? Kirsty doesn’t want to deal with a proposal and a divorce on the same day. Someone is spying on Martha.


Written by Phil Lloyd
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Martha cleans up the blood whilst Gina is concerned something terrible has happened. Rachel has called the hospital and there is no word, so she deducts that it can’t be too serious. She is about to go out to look for the boys when Hugo arrives. He tells her that Brendan hit himself in the face by accident, before taking off, and the blood is from a bleeding nose. Gina seems suss about the story and is even more concerned when Xavier and Brendan turn up. With Brendan saying Hugo hurt him, Xavier accuses Hugo of punching Brendan in the face out of frustration. Hugo says he would never do that, but the room turns quiet when Gina reveals that it wouldn’t be the first time he’d had hit him.

Joined by Tony, everyone is down on Hugo. We find out that when Hugo was 17, he got into a tussle with Brendan which resulted in Hugo breaking Brendan’s nose. Hugo says he has never forgiving himself for that day. Only Martha says Hugo isn’t capable of hitting Brendan, and should be taken at his word. Later on the beach, Hugo talks to Xavier and explains to him his reasons for deserting the family, and how he can see that Xavier is almost reaching that same point of desperation. It seems this was a stoush Xavier and Hugo needed to have, and it had been brewing for awhile. When Brendan points out Leah’s blue car, Hugo finally clicks. It was a blue car which had hit Hugo’s car all those years ago and killed his girlfriend. Brendan’s obsession with blue cars has been his way of trying to protect Hugo, but Hugo was too wrapped up in his own little world to realise it. The brothers are finally at peace with each other – just in time for Gina to take Brendan home. She tells her sons how proud she is of all of them.

Kirsty is downcast when she’s receives a letter from Kane’s lawyer about preliminary divorce proceedings. While more than happy to be with Miles, the divorce is closing a major chapter of Kirsty’s life. Miles, seeing how hard it is for her, decides to do something special for her, to help cheer her up. His elaborate preparations for the evening, enlisting the help of Colleen, Alf and Martin, sees Colleen become convinced that Miles is about to propose. Kirsty overhears Colleen mentioning this to Leah and its the last thing Kirsty wants. Leah tries to reassure her that Colleen is just being her usual self, but when Miles comes in to collect a cake and is vague about his plans for the evening, Kirsty becomes worried. Kirsty arrives home to find the living room transformed into a tropical paradise. When Miles gets down on one knee, Kirsty panics and tells Miles how she feels. Miles smirks and announces that he isn’t proposing, he’s just kneeling down to pick up a lei for her. Kirsty is relieved and Miles agrees that it would have been really bad timing to propose.

There is an upside for Martha in having to deal with the Austin family problems – she finds that she’s finally starting to get to know the real Hugo, and Martha likes the glimpses of him that she sees. She’s further heartened when Hugo suggests that she might like to come out on the boat with him to get to know him even better. The next day they are having fun on the boat, but little do they realise they are being watched from the shore. We see that the person behind the binoculars is none other than Angelo!