Episode 4833

Australian Air Date: 15th April 2009
UK Air Date: 29th April 2009

Charlie and Joey admit they are in love with each other. Roman ends his relationship with Leah. Xavier confesses to keeping the accident a secret.


Written by Cameron Welsh
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Extended Summary

After receiving the news that his blindness has a psychological root, Roman is defeated. Nicole watches on, worried that her father can’t cope with the enormity of his affliction. Aden is there to reassure her, as is Leah, but she is beginning to have doubts herself.

Aden arrives at work late and Gibbsy confronts him over it. Aden is not in the mood for explaining himself, and when Gibbsy mentions Belle’s drug addiction, Aden swings for him. However he misses and instead receives a punch in the nose. After Joey reports a fight between Aden and Gibbsy, Charlie is called to the docks to investigate. She catches a glimpse of Joey who immediately turns away from her, shutting any contact down. Later Joey is talking with Aden and discovers that Charlie has been asking after her. She is immediately thrilled. When Charlie returns to the docks to reprimand Gibbsy she confronts Joey and the two are on the verge of a heartfelt declaration of love when Charlie is called to the hospital.

After a failed attempt to confess to Charlie that he covered up Brendan causing Roman’s accident, Xavier has come to seek Charlie out once again. Ruby tells him that he just missed her, and talk turns to Roman. Xavier is stunned to learn that Roman is blind. He makes a quick escape much to the horror of Ruby who has grown tired of his odd behaviour. We find Xavier at the hospital, covertly watching Roman and it’s clear he’s come to a decision. Xavier interrupts Nicole and Leah to talk to Roman. He admits his mistake and Nicole is furious. Roman asks to be left alone with Xavier and Nicole and Leah reluctantly agree.

Xavier relays the whole story and Roman is surprisingly forgiving. Xavier is quite emotional and Roman tells him he understands why he protected his brother. That afternoon, Xavier arrives home with Charlie, who announces that Xavier has confessed to covering up the accident. Hugo is shocked – and after sharing a knowing look with his brother feigns ignorance at any knowledge of the accident’s cause. Ruby is furious that Xavier kept this from her. Later, when Xavier apologises to Leah he is shocked when Ruby plants a kiss on him and tells X he is forgiven. Ruby makes it clear that from now on he needs to be honest with her about everything.

Back at the hospital, Roman puts an end to all Leah’s uncertainty when he tells her he doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore. Things weren’t working with VJ and he needs to be on his own to deal with his blindness. Leah is shocked and makes a hasty retreat. REVEAL: Roman. Slumped. Utterly devastated. He’s just pushed away the one person he could rely on. And he’s obviously done it for her sake.

That night Joey shows up at Leah’s house and tells Charlie they need to talk. We pick the conversation up in Charlie’s car where the two finally reveal their true feelings for one another. Both are deeply in love and it’s clear that their union will reach a new level of intimacy tonight.

Scene cut from Episode:
Faced with the prospect of having to care for someone she has only been dating for a few weeks, Leah confides in Charlie her fear that she just isn’t able to cope with what’s happened to Roman. Leah feels terrible about it, but Charlie reassures her that it’s a natural reaction.