Episode 4834

Australian Air Date: 16th April 2009
UK Air Date: 30th April 2009

Ruby discovers Charlie and Joey’s relationship. Miles prepares for his Investigation interview. Pippa’s back in the Bay.


Written by Trudi-Ann Tierney
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Extended Summary

After finding out at the last minute that Duncan is to be married in the US, it looks like Alf’s heading off for a while. Colleen, who is feeling Irene’s absence, is overwhelmed with worry that she will not be able to fulfil the endless list of duties she has agreed too. Not only is she running the diner almost single-handed, but she’s supposed to be looking out for Annie and Geoff; with Alf gone she’ll have no support!

Ruby is explaining to Jai about the latest developments with Xavier when her phone rings. It’s Charlie and when Ruby asks where she disappeared to, she explains that she was called back into work and now thinks she’s going to have to be there all night.

The next morning, arriving back from spending their first night together, Joey and Charlie share a heartfelt kiss. Unbeknownst to them, Ruby is walking by, on her way to school and props when she sees Charlie with her new ‘man’. When Joey steps out of the car Ruby is rocked to her core- she did not just see that happen.

At school, Ruby is unable to process what she has just witnessed-she runs out of class much to the worry of Jai. She heads home to confront Charlie, who is devastated to learn that Ruby found out about her and Joey that way. Ruby is struggling with the idea that Charlie is attracted to a woman – she’s always had boyfriends, what’s changed? Charlie says she doesn’t know what she is – but she is in love with Joey. It’s too much to deal with and Ruby makes another hasty exit.

Back at the diner Jai too is finding it hard to believe that Charlie is gay, but he is accepting of it. Ruby has a theory- that Charlie has been damaged by her relationship with Roman. Jai tells Ruby to go and let Charlie know that she will be there for her.

Back at Leah’s house Joey is consoling Charlie. As she moves to give Charlie another kiss Ruby arrives and is less than happy. Charlie tells her that she’s always felt something for Joey. She clarifies that Joey didn’t hit on her, it was a mutual attraction. Ruby needs to know – are they a couple? Charlie confirms they are. Ruby digests this and it seems that although it has been a struggle to acknowledge this side of her sister, she’s ready to do so. But is Charlie ready to come out to Summer Bay?

Miles and Kirsty are feeling the pressure as the impending investigation over Miles’ alleged assault of Trey approaches. On the morning of the meeting Kirsty is flummoxed by a snide John Palmer who has the gall to come to the Diner and ask Kirsty to make him a coffee. Trey to, is full of confidence as he slips in a few subtle comments to a disturbed Miles. Miles retorts, informing Trey that he hopes he will be honest in his interview- what else can Miles say?

Bartlett tells Miles that if he is found guilty of the assault he will be dismissed – this deeply troubles Miles and a nearby Jai who is also coping a lot of flak from Trey over his loyalty to Miles. As they prepare to head into their interviews Miles tells Kirsty he has trouble with authority and worries he will say the wrong thing in the interview.

The moment is interrupted by a fight breaking out between Jai and Trey. The boys are separated but it’s not over yet as John Palmer accuses Miles of encouraging Jai to intimidate Trey before the investigation interviews. Miles tries to defend himself but it’s too late; John will be sharing his theory with the Inspector.

Alf is preparing to leave for his trip to the US when Colleen runs out to him and again explains that he can’t just leave her in the lurch like this. Alf clams her, he’s thought things through and called in a helping hand . Colleen asks who but Alf simply states that she’ll find out soon enough, leaving Colleen perplexed. A short while later a taxi pulls up, and a familiar face steps out – it’s Pippa!

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