Episode 4641

Australian Air Date: 19th May 2008
UK Air Date: 27th June 2008
Writer: Rick Held
Director: Peter Phelps

It’s checkmate for Gavin. Has Miles bitten off more than he can chew? Morag’s family are shocked by what she has to say to them.

Extended Summary

Belle and Leah are in damage control after a rubbish bin was thrown through the front window of the Coastal News offices, with a note saying to leave the Den alone. The possibility that Gavin will believe it had nothing to do with them seems unlikely, so Belle tracks down Tor, the guy who held the play reading that started all this. At first he refuses to own up, but when Belle points out the hypocrisy of standing up for free speech and, indeed, throwing a bin through a window in defence of the Den, then letting the Den suffer the consequences, it’s not without effect. And when, the next morning, the Coastal News comes up with a damning report on the Den, Tor agrees to own up to the police.

Seeing a chance to stop Gavin once and for all, Belle and Leah threaten to send copies of Tor’s admission to every letter box in Summer Bay, as well as to the city newspapers already interested in doing a story on the Den. Checkmated, Gavin has no choice but to print a front page retraction or show his journalism up for what it really is and risk losing his job as well as his reputation.

With no idea what to expect, Miles arrives in the city to see Jai. The boy is in a bad way, nothing like the lively if grieving young man Miles met in Phuket. He won’t speak or make eye contact, barely acknowledges Miles’ existence at first. Even Miles’ heartfelt explanation of why he abandoned Jai and where he’s been these past years has no effect, Jai just doesn’t care. So it sideswipes Miles when Jai agrees, without convincing, to come and stay with him in Summer Bay.

The family has gathered for Morag’s meeting, and they’re dreading what they assume to be a night of criticism. But to their surprise its quite the opposite, this is Morag’s night to apologise. She came to the Bay to be with her family and since arriving she’s only pushed them away. She wants to heal the rifts and start fresh. Her family are only too happy. Heartened by this new, softer Morag, Ric details the events with Viv, and asks his aunt to help track her down. Also heartened by the night, Jack and Martha decide to stop waiting and let the town know they’re getting married with an engagement party.