Episode 4637

Australian Air Date: 13th May 2008
UK Air Date: 23rd June 2008
Writer: Clare Atkins
Director: David Gould

Roman decides its time to find out why Nicole really came to Summer Bay. Jack and Martha make a shocking announcement. Will Miles’ time as a teacher be cut short?

Extended Summary

Roman decides its time to find out why Nicole really came to stay with him out of the blue, and he’s shocked by her answer. Her mother’s new fiancé tried to kiss her. When she told her mother, she was unsympathetic, blaming her for flirting. Wanting to get away for a while, Nicole decided it was about time she got to know her dad. Roman’s furious, but Nicole pleads with him to let it go. Bringing it up with her mother will only make things worse, and it really wasn’t a big deal, it’s over now and Nicole wants to move on. Roman feels he’s finally made a real breakthrough with his daughter, but for Nicole it was as much an exercise in getting off the hook for the bet she made with Aden about sleeping with Geoff as a bonding experience with her father.

Both ecstatic after Martha’s proposal, over the moon to be getting married again, Jack has a surprise… the engagement ring from their first marriage. Martha is thrilled that he kept it, only too happy to have it again. But the pair decide it might be best to keep their engagement a secret, at least until after Tony and Rachel’s wedding. For now it’s enough to tell everyone of Jack’s decision to go back to the force.

Freshly back from her weekend in the city with Ross, Morag’s no more eager to support Jack and Martha making what she sees as a terrible mistake. But when she ignores Martha and Jack at the Diner, Martha’s had enough, and blows up. Morag supposedly moved back to the Bay to be with her family, but if she keeps this up, she won’t have any family left. Morag acts tough, but behind her wall of defence, Martha’s barbs hit their mark.

Melody’s mother Christine has called a P & C meeting to discuss Miles’ use of Spring Awakening as a text, as well as his competence to teach, and he’s dreading it. But she has more than just a verbal berating in mind as she begins, to Melody’s horror, secretly taking photos of school students, both in and out of school grounds that she feels are misbehaving. When Nicole and another student get into a fight in the middle of Miles’ class, and Christine snaps a photo, Miles knows it won’t look good for him at the meeting. He goes to Morag, hoping she might have some advice for him, and she most certainly does.