Episode 4554

Australian Air Date: 22nd November 2007

Cassie’s in big trouble. Ric and Matilda struggle to deal with their decision. Is Drew out of a job?

Extended Summary

As the smoke clears after the crash, Cassie and Matilda crawl out of the car, unharmed but for some minor cuts and bruises, as do Simon and his mates. Aden doesn’t. His leg is a mess. As various sirens sound in the distance, 3 of Simon’s mates scamper off into the bush.

When Simon points out that Cassie’s in enough trouble as it is without the police finding out there were too many people in the car she’s forced to let them go, and after the police find Cassie to be over the limit, she goes on to lie to them about the number of people in the car.

It’s bad enough when they suspend her license, but when the police discover she was lying, they see little reason to believe her when, after a blood test shows she had inhaled marijuana, she tells them it was only second hand smoke. It doesn’t help that Matilda refuses to take any responsibility for coercing her into driving, and when Aden’s father blames her for his son’s serious injury; it looks like she’s in a lot of trouble.

In the wake of the alcohol fuelled car crash, it gets out that Drew sold the alcohol to Simon and Drew suddenly finds himself without a job.

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