Episode 4433

Australian Air Date: 6th June 2007

Kim has second thoughts about starting a family with Rachel. Tensions rise between Rachel and Kit. Alex Poulos is back in the Bay!

Extended Summary

Kim is completely thrown by Kit’s decision to leave Summer Bay. Kit explains that she needs to go back to university and finish her degree – it’s the only way she can build a strong and safe future for her and Archie. What she’s not admitting to Kim is the real reason for her flight – the fact that she’s in love with him and can’t bear the thought of standing by and watching while he starts a new family with Rachel. Hugh is also shocked to learn of Rachel and Kim’s plans, but he does his best to hide it. It’s an arrow to his heart, and it’s only later that he admits to Martha that he now realises there’s no hope of a future for him and Rachel.

But Rachel’s future is suddenly looking less rosy when Kim tells her of Kit’s plans to leave. Seeing he’s unsettled, she presses him – does this change his feelings about their decision to start a family? Kim is defensive, and the emotion builds between them until finally he admits that he doesn’t know what he feels about anything any more – but he’s sick and tired of being pulled in two different directions by Kit and Rachel. He storms out, leaving Rachel shocked and upset. Clearly her marriage is in deep trouble.

Rachel goes to see Kit, making it clear that she and Kim will do anything it takes to support her if she stays in the Bay. But frustration on both sides quickly spills over, with Rachel accusing Kit of trying to undermine her decision to have a child – ‘The minute we say we’re having a baby, you tell Kim you’re leaving. You knew that would throw him into a spin!’ Kit angrily denies this, telling Rachel that the only reason she wants to have a baby is to save her marriage. Poor Rachel – instead of mending fences, she’s only deepened the rift between herself and Kit…

Meanwhile, Hugh has crossed paths with Kim – and he reacts with frustration and anger when Kim admits that he wants Rachel to put off trying for a baby for another year or two. Hugh springs to her defence, pointing out that Rachel has put her life on hold for long enough. He makes it clear to Kim that he’s disgusted by his attitude – if this is the way he’s treating his wife, then he doesn’t deserve to have her in his life. Hugh’s words hit home, and Kim later quietly tells Rachel that he’s been doing a lot of thinking – and if she still wants to start a family, he’s ready to do it. It’s the news Rachel wanted to hear, but instead of feeling happy, she’s more confused than ever.

Dan is dealing with his own form of chaos as he plays sole parent to Drew, Jules and Ryan. Drew’s dropped out of school and is giving Dan attitude about getting a job, while Jules not only wags class; he unwisely shows Ryan how to use a pea-shooter. Dan gets stuck into the boys, just as Leah and VJ unexpectedly come home a day early from their trip to Greece. The reunion is joyful, but the smile’s wiped off Drew’s face when Leah insists on him taking a job at the Diner. Trudging to work the next day, he and Jules are nearly sideswiped by a motorcyclist travelling at speed. When the rider turns up at the Diner, Jules instantly goes on the attack – and is astounded when Leah exits the kitchen to inform them that the rider is in fact her brother, Alex!

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