Episode 4339

Australian Air Date: 25th January 2007

Sally’s homecoming is tainted when Martha makes a big decision. Kim struggles to balance his duties as husband and father-to-be. Cracks start to show in Cassie & Macca’s relationship.

Extended Summary

Alf, Ric and Matilda arrive home to prepare for Sally’s homecoming. They comment that they’re also welcoming Rocco back, all glad he’s decided to move back in. Alf sees a very pale Morag sitting alone outside,she tells Alf that he was right – Martha hates her well and truly now. She repeats what Martha said to her – Alf can’t believe it – Martha had no right to talk like that. Morag tries to swallow back the tears and says she’s incapable of sustaining any form of human relationship. Alf’s anger begins to build. He finds Martha at the Surf Club and lets her have it. Her aunt was trying to help her and all she did was hurl insults. Ash tries to calm the situation, but Alf shuts him down and tells Martha to apologise to Morag at Sal’s welcome home. Martha has decided she’s not going to that – but Alf says she hasn’t got a choice. In the city, Cassie’s madly packing to leave for Sally’s party. Macca wanders in, he offers to drop her at the bus stop – is she going to stay the night there? Cass isn’t sure – Macca offers to drive up and pick her up after work. Cassie hesitates, he insists, then she thanks him and races out. Macca is alone in their apartment again – a little bewildered.

Brad is being very attentive to Sally as she packs to head home. Rachel pops in and is glad to see the pair have sorted out their miscommunication from yesterday. Pity she and Kim can’t do the same. Brad asks about it – Rach explains that he’s being lovely – but he’s overcompensating and feels she can’t call him on it. Kit’s at home with Beth discussing that Kim can’t make it to the ultra sound today – Beth’s concerned. Sally and Brad are leaving for home as Kim turns up to greet Rachel, flowers in hand. He’s taking her for the late lunch he promised her – three courses, wine and a massage. Rachel forces a smile. It’s clear his efforts to avoid talking about the baby are wearing thin.

Back at the house, it’s all hands on deck in preparation for Sally’s welcome home, when Rocco arrives. He’s a little tentative, but overwhelmed by the warm reception. Cassie soon arrives – just in time and glad to be ‘home’, then Brad and Sal pull up outside. They all run and hide in position and jump out ‘surprise!’. Sal is moved to tears as she takes in the smiling faces of family and friends. Meanwhile, at the Surf Club, Ash urges Martha to go to Sally’s party. Martha doesn’t want to look like she’s given in to Alf’s orders – but it is an important family gathering. She asks Ash if he’ll be around in case she needs rescuing. He says he will be – he’s not seeing his wife and kids tonight. He kisses her goodbye – Martha heads off – then Ash turns to see Jack and realises he’s heard their conversation and now knows about his double life. Jack rips into him – he won’t let him hurt Martha. At the house, all are chatting to Sally – glad to have her home again. Talk turns to the night she was stabbed, Rocco wonders if she remembers anything? Sally says no, she’s just focusing on how good things are now. Then Martha bounds in – with a cheery demeanour. Alf mutters ‘about flamin’ time’ as Mattie asks Cassie how the city is. Cass finds it hard to cover how difficult it’s been and Mattie clocks it. Alf moves to Martha – perhaps she’d feel better if she apologised to Morag? Martha says that won’t be happening. Alf moves off seething as Jack arrives wanting to talk to Martha. Ric asks Alf what’s up with Martha – Alf fills him in, he can’t believe it – as Jack tells Martha to end it with Ash. She’s instantly annoyed that he’s joined the chorus – can he please just be a friend?


At lunch, Rachel cuts to the chase and asks Kim when he’s going to talk about the baby with her. This catches him off guard. He’s not going to. Rach assures him it’s okay – it’s more painful that he doesn’t share this with her. Kim promises to try as Jack walks in and finds Ash, letting him have it once more. He can’t believe what he’s done to Martha and that she’s standing by him! Tony passes through and avoids the conflict, opting to greet Rach and Kim. He asks Kim if Kit’s ultrasound is finished yet? Kim freezes – Rachel wants to know why he didn’t mention it? He didn’t want to upset her. Rach sends him on his way to the hospital – these are the things I’m talking about – go now, you should be there with Kit. Kim thanks her and rushes off, stoked at her understanding. Rachel watches him go with mixed feelings. At the hospital, Kim just makes it in time to see his baby on the monitor. Kit and Beth are happy he could make it. They watch their baby, awestruck – it’s all really happening!

Back at the party, Ash arrives looking for Martha. Alf won’t let him in. Martha walks over and gets into an argument with Alf over it as Ric tries to calm it down. Ash leaves and Ric asks if he’s heading to the wife and kids? Martha immediately flinches – Alf told him! She hits the roof as all swap bemused looks, hearing the full story. Sally asks what’s going on – Martha suggests asking Alf, he’s telling everyone else! Martha then reveals, loudly, that Ash is married with kids and that she loves him! She warned her family not to interfere – but now they’ve done it for the last time. Sobbing she runs upstairs – destroying the mood of the party – Sal can’t believe what’s going on. Martha soon walks back down with a bag full of her things and announces that she’s moving out. She can’t go on like this – if her family don’t support her, then what’s the point of staying? With that she leaves – leaving them all in a state of shock.