Episode 4340

Australian Air Date: 26th January 2007

Macca is frustrated to learn how Cassie truly feels. Rachel is fast approaching breaking point at Kim’s priorities. Sally welcomes Rocco back into the family – but can he cope with his guilt?

Extended Summary

Alf finds a depressed Morag as Martha’s departure from the house has clearly made her feel even worse about herself. He approaches her – hopes she isn’t blaming herself for turning Martha against the family. Morag wonders what she’s become – she doesn’t recognize or like herself anymore. She used to be driven, proud, strong – now she just reacts with judgment and feels totally lost. Back at the house, everyone is stunned at Martha’s decision – she’s not answering her phone. Alf apologises to Sal – it’s not the welcome home she deserved. Macca has turned up to get Cass and is surprised with Mattie mentions to him that Cassie is finding city life difficult with all her family and friends here. Rocco can’t believe that he’s being considered one of the family now. Sal heads off to bed to rest and Rocco’s smile is huge – any guilt he feels is being kept at bay by being accepted as one of the family. Morag returns and announces she’s moving back to the city. She’s been asked to reside as magistrate over a major case. Alf thought she’d thrown that in? But Morag realizes she needs it – it’s her life – she can focus on what she knows and needs to do it for herself. Alf and Ric are saddened – Rocco thinks now’s a bad time to move in – too much stress. Ric confirms that Sal would be happier if he stayed – with Morag and Martha going, she’ll find it hard enough. You’re family now. Rocco again is pleased to hear it. Back in the city, Macca lets Cass know what Mattie told him. He’s upset and wishes she’d told him first. He’s working his guts out to make their new life work and she’s not happy. Cass asks him to be more understanding and he snaps and walks out – he gives up!

Beth, Kit and Kim return from the ultrasound. Kim’s still stoked about it all. He can’t wait till the next appointment to see his baby on screen again! Beth is thoughtful at the situation they’re in with Rachel. At the Diner, Leah tells Rach that she and Kim will work this out, it’ll just take time – but this isn’t how she imagined wedded bliss would be. Leah encourages that she focus on their honeymoon plan – the fun stuff. Rachel agrees – she’ll get onto it right away. Beth and Kit chat over a cuppa – Beth tells her daughter to savour every moment, because before you know it, your kids grow up and you can’t get that time back. Kit asks her mum if everything’s okay? Beth opens up and tells Kit now that her kids have grown up, she realizes all the things she didn’t get a chance to do when she was being a mum – travel, new experiences. Kit encourages the idea – take Tony with you. Beth explains that Tony doesn’t want to, he’s only just started his job at the Gym, she understands. And Kit’s about to give birth – she can’t leave now. Kit pushes for it – she’s pregnant, not dying. But Beth isn’t sure. Rach is excited as she is on the phone to the travel agent getting honeymoon dates sorted. She puts the 14th March booking on hold, wanting to check it with Kim first. She hangs up, grinning, as Kim walks in. She gives him a glass of champagne. He smirks and asks what her news is she mentioned. Rach says it can wait – you first – tell me about the ultrasound? Kim gushes about it – the kid is fit as a fiddle, he then thanks her for making him go. She was right – he didn’t want to miss it. He will bring her photos from the next one to look at. When is the next appointment? Kim says 14th March. Rachel is saddened to hear this – he asks her what the news is, but she decides not to bring it up, realizing that yet again, the focus has shifted. Kim heads to the Diner and is talking to Leah about how great Rach is – she’s so understanding about the whole situation with the baby. Leah smiles, thinking Rachel’s told him she’s organized the honeymoon and asks where they’ve decided to go for the honeymoon? Kim’s face falls – he thought they were talking about the ultrasound. What’s this about the honeymoon? Kim finds Rach walking along the beach – why didn’t she say something? She wanted it to be a surprise, but then realizing the ultrasound was the same date, it didn’t seem worth mentioning. Kim tells Kit what happened – she thinks they need to get Rachel really involved, so she doesn’t feel alienated. They find Rach and ask her if she wants to be completely involved with the baby – all of them together. Kit wonders if it’s weird – that’s exactly what Rach is thinking, but she smiles and says it’s great. They all grin and Kim gives her a hug. Rach is totally uncomfortable with it all. Beth hears the news and asks Rach how she’s feeling about it – she knows she’d be wary if it were her. Rach opens up to her but asks Beth not to say anything – this might be the only way they can make this work. Beth is quietly concerned…

At the Surf Club, Rocco is happily playing pool with Mattie and Ric, enjoying being one of the gang, as back at the house, Sally is sitting on the lounge with Brad when she’s suddenly struck by a memory from the night of her attack. She recalls walking back to her car in the dark – Brad asks her what’s going on and a distressed Sally turns to him – she’s starting to remember…