Episode 4338

Australian Air Date: 24th January 2007

Brad is overwhelmed by the significant step Sally is taking. Morag takes action to protect Martha from Ash, with heartbreaking consequences…

Extended Summary

In hospital, Sally is in bed, still tender from her injury. Brad fusses over her and asks if she’s heard from the police? Sal says they don’t have any leads, but were hoping she’d remember something about the night of the stabbing by now. But she doesn’t. Not a thing. Brad reassures that he will be by her side to help her through this. Sally thanks him for being so amazing. He gives her a kiss and they linger in the moment, before being interrupted by Rachel, who takes in the scene. Brad heads off and Rachel clocks the contented smile on Sally’s face and gives her a knowing grin in return. Rach is really happy for Sal and Brad – its fate that’s brought them together.


Nurse Julie brings in Sally’s personal items. Sally puts on her watch and necklace, then pauses at her wedding ring. She stares at it thoughtfully – has the time come to move on? Alf drops in to see Sal and he notices her wedding ring on the dresser. Sal explains to him that she feels it’s the right time to take it off. Meanwhile, Brad is in the corridor and is a little thrown at Sal’s decision. He’s not so sure he’s ready to do that himself. He walks in, Sal asks if he’s okay, seems a little distant. He covers – all is good. He leaves abruptly, leaving Sal bemused. What’s up with Brad? Rachel catches up with Brad on the beach and they talk about Sally’s decision. Brad feels like he’s moving too slowly – not ready to part with his union with Emily. Rachel assures him that Sally will understand. He has to be ready. Brad removes his wedding ring – time to stop being gutless – but is it too soon? Back at the hospital, Sal asks Rach if she knows what’s up with Brad? Rach hints that it’s about the big step she’s taking with the wedding ring… Sally lets Brad know that Emily is still in his heart, as Flynn is still in hers, and they always will be and that she doesn’t want him to rush this – only do it when you’re ready. Brad apologises and puts the ring back on, smiling at her, thankful that she understands. And they hold each other, sharing a loving kiss – firmly back on track…

At Summer Bay House, Alf remarks to Morag how happy Sal is with Brad – Morag just wishes Martha had better taste in men – she really doesn’t like this Ash character. Martha enters, they fall over her with kindness and she snaps. She’s sick of this – she knows they don’t like Ash, can they please just drop it? Morag says she’s worried – the man is married to another woman! And she doesn’t know about you, does she Martha? Martha’s silence says it all. Morag: didn’t think so. Martha insists that Ash will tell his wife, then tells them if they can’t support her, it’s their problem, not hers, then walks out. She heads to the beach to find Ash and dissolves into tears – she can’t take it anymore. She tells him about the lack of support from her family and all he can do is hold her as she cries. Morag and Alf continue to clean the house for Sal’s return as he lets his sister know that Martha’s an adult and the more she gets up her nose about Ash, the faster she’ll run into the blokes arms. Morag can’t sit back on this one – Alf tells her to go about it the right way then. At the Diner, Martha asks Ash when he’s going to tell Rianna about their relationship? Ash hesitates, it’s Declan’s birthday, he doesn’t want to ruin that, but as soon as that’s over he’ll talk to her. Can she hold out another week? Martha forces a smile.

Determined, Morag heads to Tony’s. She asks if he’d mind having a word with Martha? Tony doesn’t want to get mixed up in this, but Morag pleads – she’s setting herself up for a fall. Tony confronts Ash and lets him know that Martha isn’t just some girl he can mess around – just walk away from her before you do something you’ll regret. Ash assures Tony that’s not his intention – he loves her and will leave Rianna. You won’t have to cover for me again, I swear. Tony makes it clear that it’s Martha he’s concerned about, not him. Alf hits the roof when he learns what Morag did.

Martha meets Ash at the Diner and is ropeable to hear that Morag told Tony. That’s it! Martha stomps off, face like thunder. She finds Morag at Summer Bay House and rips into her – letting Morag know that the only reason she makes other people’s lives a misery is because nobody gives a stuff about hers. Morag tries to reason calmly with Martha – but it’s no use. Martha wants to know what she wants to talk about? What it’s like to be in love with someone? To trust them and stand by them no matter what? You wouldn’t have a clue what that’s like. Morag quietly lets her know that she does know what that’s like and to be hurt by someone you care for very deeply. But Martha doesn’t let up – keep your sad and sorry little life away from mine! Martha exits leaving Morag on the verge of tears. Her words have cut Morag to the bone.