Episode 4227

Australian Air Date: 11th July 2006

The crash survivors separate in a desperate bid to find rescue. Rachel’s out of control behaviour reaches a deadly crunch-point. Tasha attacks Irene for interfering in her friendship with Jack.

Extended Summary

Everyone is reacting to Kit’s suggestion that they leave her behind – and go for help on their own. Kim, Robbie and Martha are dead against the idea. Kit argues that it’s the only way. Colin is going to continue on with Belle – Kim jumps at this and the boys argue, tempers flare and Colin and Kim end up in a punch up. Martha, Robbie and Belle struggle to pull them apart and it’s Kit who tells them to cut it out. She’s not going to change her mind. The others can go – but Kim’s staying. With that the group moves off. Still walking alongside the old creek bed and they’re making great progress when they see water in the distance. They race over and find a pool of water from a small ground spring. They all take a drink except Robbie. Kit asks Kim why did he stay? Kim says he’d never leave Kit on her own out here… Kit wonders if it’s because Kim didn’t want her to die alone. Kim is thrown by the grim comment: ‘We’re not going to die. No one’s going to die, okay?’ She wonders if he ever thinks about what their lives would be like now if she’d come back from Paris last year when Kim was expecting her to. Kim hesitates, then says he thinks things could have worked between them.

Jack is with Tasha as her obstetrician looks over her. Tasha remains gripped with fear over a possible problem with the baby. The doctor reveals that there’s spotting. She’s going to organise an ultrasound. Dr Ridley can’t tell her more until after the examination. Tasha cries as all her doom and gloom escapes. Jack continues to support Tasha as Irene watches on, increasingly concerned about the reliant bond between them. The procedure begins, the problem is found: placenta in front of cervix – if the bladder doesn’t move of his its own accord, she will have to have a caesarean birth. Irene tentatively talks with Jack re: Tasha feeling so compelled to help him, which is running her ragged and she needs rest. Jack reveals what Irene said to him to Tasha who gets angry, insisting that Irene had no right speaking for her… Jack tries to defend where Irene was coming from, agreeing that she’s right – Tasha has been doing way too much stuff for him. But then Irene comes in and Tasha has a bit of a go at her about butting in. Irene defends that she’s just worried about Tasha…but Tasha explains that spending time with Jack is the one thing that’s getting her through right now so has no intention of changing the way things are.

Leah’s in a state of shock, still reeling from Rachel’s attack. Sally drops in to discuss the latest on the search, and to see how Leah’s going. Leah explains what Rachel did. Close to tears, Leah is at a loss. Sally firmly points out that Leah needs to give Rachel an ultimatum – either stop the behaviour or leave the house. Sally points out that she will be acting in Rachel’s best interests by doing this. Rachel emerges from her room. Leah steals herself for the task at hand and tentatively gives Rachel another chance to apologise. Instead of offering an apology, Rachel turns the tables on Leah, expressing her disappointment and upset at the fact Leah accused Rachel of being like her father. Leah says that if that is the way she wants to be, she is no longer welcome in her home. Rachel is stunned. She stares at her friends for a beat, her anger simmering, before she turns and heads off to her room. Leah and Sally are waiting for Rachel to reappear. Rachel simply hands Leah some cash and her house keys and blankly reveals she’s going to Kim’s for the night. She then asks Leah for her car keys. Leah won’t give them to her – Rachel insists. Leah stands firm – given Rachel’s been drinking in her room. Rachel tells Leah to go to hell and heads out with her bags!

A desperate Leah calls Rachel’s brother, Brad. He’s worried and he’s coming straight down. Leah is relieved. Sally waits for him while Leah picks up the boys. Sally invites him in and explains where Leah is and that she won’t be long. Brad launches into his concern over Rachel. The way Leah was talking on the phone, Rachel’s behaviour sounds so out of character. Sally confirms it’s been really tough on Leah, when Rachel slapped her – Brad interrupts, stunned… “Rachel slapped Leah?” Brad asks Sally to tell him everything, starting from the beginning. Rachel is between taking swigs of her drink – getting increasingly drunk and surprised to see Brad as he walks in she wonders what he’s doing here? ‘Leah called you, didn’t she?, after an argument she sends Brad out, wanting to be alone. Rachel continues to drink and eventually she looses consciousness and falls to the floor.