Episode 4142

Australian Air Date: 14th March 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Amanda gets more than she bargains for at the launch of Project 56 when something from her past comes back to haunt her. Things heat up between Kim and Rachel.

Extended Summary

Kit is primed with ammunition against Amanda and Josh and brings Tasha and Robbie up to speed on her plan of revenge. The Surf Club is buzzing as all prepare themselves for the launch of Project 56. Josh introduces Amanda to Sandy – a journo who promises some media press coverage. The launch begins and there is outrage as the proposed plan is revealed…a plaque bearing the name: ‘Graham Walters Memorial Bridge’. Things start to get out of hand, but Kit is quick to insist that Amanda finish her speil. Amanda has a Power-point presentation outlining the positive aspects of the bridge.

The lights are dimmed and the presentation appears on a huge screen – but to the shock of onlookers – the only pictures to be displayed are those of a naked Amanda!! There are gasps of horror, as the pictures keep flashing up on screen. A mortified Amanda watches on, helpless to stop it and knowing Kit had everything to do with this!

Kit fills everyone in on her discovery of the photos and celebrate their mini-victory over Amanda. Meanwhile, Amanda is humiliated but Josh is quick to remind her that all publicity is good publicity and will amend things with Sandy the journo. Amanda is appreciative and tells him how much he really means to her! Amanda has a glint in her eye, as she comes up with a plan to get back at Kit…beware, the claws are out!

There are more shocked reactions from all as they read the next days headlines in the paper. Kit is absolutely furious when she discovers Amanda has turned the article back on Kit and made her out to be an obsessed alcoholic who ruined the launch. Determined this war is far from over…Kit arrives at the Council office to confront Josh but is shocked to see him in a compromising position with another woman! Kit smiles to herself – this is perfect revenge!

Amanda opens the door to Kit, who is adamant she will want to hear her out. Kit tells Amanda that Josh made a pass at her as soon as she threatened legal action. Kit plays on her insecurities and eventually convinces Amanda to join her so they can confront Josh together! Amanda falls into the trap and is utterly stunned to see Josh getting it on with Sandy. Josh looks up and realises he has been busted big time!! Satisfied that she has exposed Josh’s cheating ways, Kit leaves Amanda reeling beyond belief!

It’s hectic at the hospital and Rachel can’t wait to go home and put her feet up! She rounds the corner, about to meet her next patient and is more than surprised when she discovers Kim sitting on the bed. It’s all playful as she insists they can’t be caught together. Kim makes her promise to visit him after work – nobody will be home!

Rachel arrives at the Beach House and there is instant attraction as Kim appears wearing only a towel. They’re drawn into a passionate embrace, tearing off each other’s clothes – the sparks are flying between these two!