Episode 3882

Australian Air Date: 25th January 2005

Jesse’s life is on the line after Robbie’s cruel prank. A violent confrontation leaves Beth reeling. Josie is forced to make the most important decision of her life.


Extended Summary

Robbie still hasn’t surfaced after jumping from the cliff and Tasha is frantic with worry. Her screams attract Marc and Jesse’s attention. Marc phones for help while Jesse dives off the cliff to search for Robbie in the water. A drenched Robbie calls out from behind Tasha. He wasn’t in trouble at all – it was just a prank. But Tasha’s not laughing – she’s outraged. Marc realises that Jesse hasn’t surfaced yet and could be in trouble. Josie is haunted by guilt over cheating on Jesse. When Tasha flies in with news of his disappearance, Josie’s devastated. The thought of losing him has made her snap out of her hesitation. She realises now that she truly loves Jesse.

Scott and Beth are exasperated by Robbie’s lack of remorse over his callous prank. Matilda and Henry overhear enough of the conversation to worry them. They corner Beth for some answers and she’s forced to explain about Robbie’s needle-stick injury and the kids are stunned. Robbie storms in. He’s overheard and is furious that Beth has broken her promise not to tell them. He goes to storm out of the house but Scott stops him. He lashes out at Scott and the family is left reeling by an aggression they’ve never seen before in Robbie.

Sally and Pippa drop by the hospital to see Flynn. He tells Sally that he’s taking on an extra shift tonight because someone’s called in sick. Sally’s unimpressed. She’s concerned that he’s already not getting enough sleep and he’s barely seen her or Pippa recently. Flynn says he has no choice – the CEO is watching him like a hawk. Zoe McCallister, the nurse has overheard all of this and decides to help. Later she manages to arrange for another doctor to do the shift tonight. She wants Flynn to spend the night with his beautiful wife and baby. Before Flynn leaves the hospital he runs into a very distraught Beth. She’s desperate to help her son. Flynn suggests they try getting the whole family together and confronting him. It’s a drastic measure, but this seems to be a drastic situation.

Sally’s overjoyed when Flynn arrives home, but is a little peeved when she learns it was all Zoe’s doing. After all, he totally disregarded Sally’s wishes that he not take the shift. Flynn’s already tired and irritable and so flares a little at Sally’s attitude.

Jesse is eventually found and is brought in to the hospital. He slipped on some rocks and sustained a few cuts and bruises. He’s reunited with Josie and she tells him she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.


Josie later tells Marc that what happened between them last night was a mistake. She loves Jesse and wants to be with him. Jesse is never to find out about the affair – end of story! Marc’s crushed. The Hunters all agree to try Flynn’s risky suggestion. Meanwhile, Robbie lies on his bed – a sad, lost boy – totally unaware of the drama that’s coming his way.

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