Episode 3358

Australian Air Date: 4th September 2002

Jesse visits Rachel in Queensland. Shelley discovers Kirsty is using the Eisteddfod to tell her story with Kane. Jade continues to feel disillusioned with God.

Return appearance, last seen in Episode #2840. Was visited by Jesse in Queensland in an attempt to get her to move back to the Bay with him.
Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3215. Was visited by Jesse in Queensland whilst looking after Rachel.

Extended Summary

Jesse arrives in Queensland to see his daughther Rachel. Jesse knocks on the door and there is no answer and he goes around to the back and sees Rachel playing.

Shelley asks Kirsty and Jade to clean their room.

Max is confused about death, and asks Shelley whether or not people can come back to life after they die. and Shelley says yes but not as Charlotte and not in the same body.

Jesse meets up with Will and they have a chat over a cuppa about Rachel.

Jade tells Kirsty that she doesn’t want to be in the Eisteddfod anymore. Jade is not taking Charlotte’s death very well at all.

Jesse talks to Rachel for the first time for a long time.

Kirsty talks to Shelley about some parts about Romeo and Juliet and Kirsty accidently slips out Kane’s name and she asks Kirsty if the play is about her and Kane and Kirsty admits it is about Kane and her.

Rachel asks Jesse what was it like in jail and was it bad, and Jesse says yes it was bad in there and I am back because I would like to start a new life again. Rachel says to Jesse that you can call shorty again and says “Dad”.

Rhys and Max has gone to the Surf Club for lunch to talk about the funeral.

Shelley listens to Kirsty about how she feels about Kane, and if she is still seeing Kane. Kirsty says “No”.

After reuniting with Rachel again the police turn up at Natalie and Joel’s place looking for Jesse and gets questioned over the attack on Jason. Will asks Jesse what’s going on. Jesse says that it’s over a fight he got in too and that’s all and Will is not happy. Jesse tells Will that he is taking Rachel and is going to start a new life and Will says that you can’t just come back after 2 years and take Rachel back. Jesse finds out by Will that Charlotte has died. Jesse tells Will that he has to go back to the Bay to look after Leah that he has made a promise with Vinnie that he will look after her while he is in jail.

Shelley searches Kirsty room for washing and finds a ring and a note to Kane on her bed and is shocked. Shelley reads the note to find out about Kirsty’s feelings towards Kane. Shelley thinks that Kirsty is sending Kane letters and starts getting angry with her. Kirsty tells Shelley that Flynn said to write him letters but not to send them and Shelley now feels bad for jumping to conclusions.

Starring Ben Unwin as Jesse, Christie Hayes as Kirsty, Kate Garvan as Jade, Zac Drayson as Will, Michael Beckley as Rhys and Daniel Collopy as Josh.

Rachael Jennings

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