Episode 3142

Australian Air Date: 25th September 2001

Colleen learns that Seb is Fisher’s grandson. Shauna receives an official order for the job in Melbourne. June makes a surprise visit.

Return episode, last seen in #2970. Visited the Bay on a brief holiday.
First appearance. Charlotte’s dotty grandmother.
First episode. Old man living a nomad existence. Befriended Brodie before the true tragedy surrounding his son’s death unravelled.
Second appearance, last seen in #3136. Scolded Charlotte for violating Jude’s visiting hours.

Extended Summary

Shauna was asking around to see if Jude was still going to Melbourne. Sally seems to think she’s asking everyone to convince him not to go. Sally was so mad she told her there’s no way she can stop Jude from working towards getting the scholarship in Melbourne. Sally is still furious over what Shauna did.

Harry Reynolds’ mum, June, has come back to Summer Bay. She’s only been here a little while and already she’s putting her foot in things. Fisher told her about Seb, because when she bumped into Seb at the Diner she said how pleased she was to meet Fisher’s grandson. However June soon realised that it wasn’t common knowledge! Seb is furious now because Colleen overheard. Luckily, she has laryngitis and has to rest her voice. Although with juicy gossip like this, she’s going to find it hard to keep quiet.

Charlotte lives with her grandmother in a flat above the Lawson boys. Charlotte’s grandmother wandered downstairs thinking their flat was hers. Charlotte came down to get her back upstairs. Charlotte’s granny obvoisly had a son called John, because she kept calling Noah as John. Charlotte obviously has a few secrets to tell.

Dani’s making the most of her freedom. Instead of lazing around the house, she’s been getting up early and going power walking. Brodie went with her for company and they bumped into a guy on the beach. His name was Jim. Later on, Brodie went out with Kirsty and they were almost attacked by a savage dog. This Jim fellow came by, scared off the dog and made sure they were OK. He was the same guy Alf had moved off the beach earlier that day.

Erin Flannery