Episode 2928

Australian Air Date: 11th October 2000

Brodie’s brother JT come to visit – but it’s far from a pleasant family reunion. Judith is shattered by the news that Joel and Natalie are leaving together. Sally gives Luke the answer to his proposal of marriage.

Final episode. Left the Bay to recuperate and resume his relationship with Natalie in Queensland.
Final episode. Left with Joel.
Fifth and final appearance, last seen in #2927.
First episode. Brodie’s brother.
Ninth appearance, last seen in #2855. Helped see Joel off.
Final episode. Took up a new post.

Extended Summary

Sally questions Luke’s reasons for proposing to her. She thinks that he thinks she’s just a charity case. Later in class she is distracted with thinking about the proposal and runs out of class. She turns up at the hospital and finds Luke, she tells him the answer is yes!

The police call round to the Sutherlands house to tell Shelley and Rhys that Brodie’s brother Jonathan has punched someone at work and they are looking for him, they think he may turn up there trying to contact Brodie. On her way home from school she hears a “psst, Brodie” coming from the bushes, it’s her brother JT, he says he needs her help and asks her not to tell anyone that she’s seen him. She goes out to find him, he tells her that he needs her to get him food and somewhere to sleep, he suggests one of the caravans. She isn’t happy about it all but she doesn’t want him to go to prison so she agrees to help. She sneaks him most of her dinner then a sandwich in the night, and also breakfast. Brodie tells JT that Dani almost caught her sneaking food and she wants him to leave but he shouts at her saying she’s selfish and just doesn’t want her nice little set up ruined.

Natalie tells Joel she will always love Joel, no matter how paralyzed he is. He says he will always love her too, they kiss. They discuss what they will do next in terms of living arrangements, Joel says its simple, she just needs to go back to Queensland and pack her things and come back and move in with him and Gypsy. However, she thinks it would be better if he moved to Queensland because of all the gossiping that would go on in Summer Bay and she doesn’t want Connor to grow up in a place like that, and of course there is Judith there too. They decide Queensland is the place for them. Joel goes to see Judith for one last time just to say goodbye, then leaves with Natalie and Connor.

Thanks to Shauna.