Episode 516

Australian Air Date: 16th April 1990
Writer: Alison Nisselle
Director: Peter Rawling

Alf decides to stand against Bobby in the forth-coming council elections. Carly is unable to pay back the loan from Adam.

Extended Summary

Don is somewhat bemused as Bobby tells him about her plan to run for council, pointing out she’s going to be representing a minority interest. Bobby protests a lot of people will be affected by the decision to move the sports field five miles out of town and also that people’s lives will be changed by the new development. Don tells her she’s got his vote but he’s not sure how many more she’ll get. At the Diner, Alf is laughing at the idea of Bobby as a councillor. Adam, Matt and Grant are all on her side, as is Ailsa. Alf says you can’t just vote for your friends but Ailsa points out he keeps voting for Hughie Evans and Rex. Alf says the development will create jobs and raise house prices. Adam and Matt note they’ll need to find a place before that happens. Alf suggests they talk to Carly, since she’s been looking at houses recently.

At the caravan park house, Carly is telling Tom and Pippa about what happened with Jeff. They remind her that everyone told her he was a conman and he wouldn’t have asked her to buy the goods if he was reputable. Pippa reminds her she has to pay Adam back his $500 and suggests she and Ben sort it out but Carly doesn’t want Ben knowing. Next morning, Carly asks Bobby for the $500, suggesting she can work it off, but Bobby refuses and laughs at her gullibility. Rex turns up, having heard about Bobby’s plan to run against him. He comments on Bobby’s police record but Bobby retorts by wondering if he has an involvement in the development and reminding him he’s given all his family jobs on the council.

Matt and Adam look through a newspaper at the store for places to stay, annoying Alf. Nearby, Ailsa chats to Pippa about arranging a farewell do for Celia; she wants to hold it at Pippa’s place. Alf comments on the unlikelihood of keeping a secret from Celia and Pippa and Ailsa observe they’ll miss her gossip. Adam and Matt ask Pippa about Picking Point, where they’re seen a house for rent. She replies it’s Billionaires’ Row but Adam thinks they can afford it with the bond from the flat and the money from Carly. They head to the Diner and ask Carly for the money. She tries to put them off and Matt points out they don’t have a flat yet but Adam tells her he wants it by the end of the day.

Carly goes to her bank manager, Des Thompson, and asks for a loan. When Des learns she only wants $500, he says a credit card will be best and she’d only need $45 of disposable income a week to make the repayments. Carly is relieved and signs the forms, only for Des to tell her it will take two weeks to come through. Matt and Adam meet with their prospective landlord, Doug. They are delighted to learn the rent is only $75 a month. Doug says the previous tenants moved out because they had different ideas about cleanliness. Matt asks if he expects them to help with the cleaning but Doug says he has his own way of doing it and just expects them to keep it reasonably tidy. He asks them if either of them smokes which they don’t but they’re a bit more wary when he says he doesn’t like alcohol either. Doug tells Adam off for putting his cup on the table instead of the coaster. Adam asks to use the toilet and Doug tells him to walk on the plastic instead of the carpet and make sure he puts the lid down afterwards. Matt starts to look scared.

Rex goes to the store to buy a large quantity of beer. He complains to Alf about how all councillors have to have medical checks. Both of them agree that the development will benefit the town and, although they have fond memories of the sports field, they can’t afford to be sentimental. At the Diner, Adam and Matt tell Bobby and Ailsa about Doug, although the two women think anyone who charges $75 a month and does all the cleaning can’t be that bad. Ben arrives looking for Carly and Adam says he’s looking for her too. Bobby tries to get rid of Adam but he tells Ben about the money Carly owes him. Ben gives him $50 and says he’ll go to the bank for the rest. Bobby snaps at an oblivious Adam for giving Carly away. Later, Carly turns up looking for Adam and Ailsa tells her Ben’s already paid him. Bobby tells her Adam told Ben everything.

Adam and Matt go back to the store to try and find another place to stay. Looking on the advert board, Adam notes that there’s a holiday cottage up for rent. Alf says it’s Ernie Jacob’s place and he’d want references. Adam tries to butter him up for a reference. Alf is reluctant but, after a bit more persuading from both of them, he agrees. As Adam and Matt leave, Rex turns up looking unwell. He tells Alf that Doctor Richards told him his heart’s in a bad way and if he doesn’t slow down he’ll have a heart attack or stroke. He needs to give up the smoking and the drinking, as well as the council, and find a manager for the quarry. Adam and Matt meet Ernie outside the beach house. After they assure him they won’t throw any wild parties and confirm Alf will vouch for them, he tells them the place is theirs. Matt reminds Adam they have to pay $200 a month but Adam dismisses the concern, saying they’ll find someone to share or get another job.

Alf is playing with Duncan at the Stewart house. He suggests to Ailsa they go out for dinner or he cooks, noting he doesn’t notice how exhausting her work is. He tells her about Rex and how it’s made him think. Ailsa reminds him he doesn’t smoke or drink as much as Rex. Alf admits that Rex has asked him to stand for council in his place and, despite saying he didn’t want anything to do with politics, he’s agreed. He suggests Ailsa might let Bobby know he’s standing against her but Ailsa says he’ll have to do it himself.

Carly moans to Tom and Pippa about Ben finding out what she’s done. She’s worried he’s going to call the wedding off. She heads to the caravan and tells Ben that she wanted to surprise him with enough money to buy a house. She admits it was stupid and says she understands if he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Instead, Ben kisses her on the cheek and hugs her.

Guest Cast


First appearance for this actor, last seen in #424 played by ALLANA ELLIS.

Third and final appearance, last seen in #515. Pulled out of the forthcoming elections due to ill-health.

Fussy tenant who Adam and Matt briefly considered staying with.

First appearance. Scrupulous owner of the Beach House who Adam and Matt began renting from.

First appearance. Bank manager who helped Carly with a loan.