Episode 263

Australian Air Date: 15th March 1989
UK Air Date: 16th February 1990
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Tina Butler

Fisher refuses to bow to blackmail.

Extended Summary

Carly and Foley are surprised to see each other and they talk a lot (Foley is her therapist).

Tom tells Nicholas that he can’t take the job in London. Tom acts innocent and tell Nicholas a lie that Pippa’s dad is sick so Nicholas would not find out that Tom knows about Nicholas and Gordon’s dodgy plans.

Stacey walks in and acts innocent even though she knows what is going on.

Tom and Stacey walk to an office upstairs and discuss it. They are pleased that Nicholas didn’t suspect that Tom knew about the dodgy plans.

Nicholas tells Morag that he suspects something is wrong because Tom didn’t accept the job offer in London.

Stacey tells Alf and Ailsa that their round the world prize from Nicholas was just a trick to get them out of Summer Bay for a while to make them stay out of Gordon and Nicholas’ devious plans. Alf is a bit suspicious about it but they believe Stacey.

Carly and Andrew have a long counselling session. Carly feels she can trust Andrew to the max.

Andrew gives Carly a lift home.

Andrew comes up with an idea so she won’t have to take the bus to the city all the time for the counselling sessions. He offers her to hold the sessions at the Fletchers’ house on weekends instead.

Bobby decides to go with Fisher to the city to promote Alan’s book on television like she was asked earlier.

Morag continues to threaten Fisher that she will tell Bobby that he is her father if he doesn’t sell his house to Nicholas.

Stacey illegally sneaks into Gordon’s office to steal some documents to prove their devious plans. Phil is with Stacey when they arrive there but wait outside in the car while she sneaks into the office.

Fisher is angry and tells Morag he won’t sell his house for anything even though she is threatening him to tell Bobby the truth about him being her father and that she could ruin his career as headmaster. He says that at least he will have his self-respect left.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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