Episode 9

Australian Air Date: 28th January 1988
UK Air Date: 23rd February 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Richard Sarell

The truce between Fisher and Tom is short-lived, while Ailsa finds an unlikely confidante for her woes.

Extended Summary

Lynn leaves home without Tom and Pippa knowing about it. She asks Floss and Neville if she can stay there for a while. They say it’s OK.

Floss starts doing tarot card readings in Ailsa’s store for the customers.

Alf gives Tom an idea how to make the dog stop barking. The idea is to take it to a vet to get help for barking. Tom tells Lynn the dog can stay. Lynn moves back into the house.

Pippa starts working in coffee shop in Ailsa’s store.

Bobby and Ailsa talk about why Alf and Ailsa stopped seeing each other. Ailsa explains that Alf thought things were moving too fast for him in their relationship.

Tom and Pippa wants to sell their car to finance the costs for the damage in the car crash Carly was responsible for. Fisher is interested in buying the car but his offer isn’t good enough for Tom. Eric urinates on Fisher’s leg while he is looking at the car!!!

The dog still barks even though Tom took it to the vet for help against barking. Fisher phones in the middle of the night to the Fletchers and complains!

The next morning, Lynn finds Eric is almost dying. Someone has given him poison. Pippa runs to call the vet.

Ola Carlsson, 1999