Episode 138

Australian Air Date: 27th July 1988
UK Air Date: 23rd August 1989
Writer: Rick Held
Director: Andrew Friedman

Barbara suspects that Fisher is interested in more than friendship. Meanwhile, Lance’s mother cramps her son’s lifestyle.

Final episode. Left for the city with his family much to Carly’s sadness.
Second appearance, last seen in #103. Planned on moving in with Lance before meeting a morose Colleen.

Extended Summary

Alan talks to Matt about it being his last day. Alan is all enthusiastic about it, but Matt seems rather non-plussed about it all. Alan tries to talk Matt into causing chaos, but Matt just wants to go catch a few waves. Bobby and Carly walk over and ask them what they are doing. Tom sees them and walks over to the group. Alan wants to know whether Lance won the lottery, whilst Carly tells Tom that she’s invited Matt over for dinner. They all walk out. Barbara is sitting in classroom. Tom walks in and starts cleaning a desk that has been grafiteed. Barbara also wants to talk about Lance and his lottery win. They start joking about it. Fisher hears the laughter from a corridor and walks in. Fisher goes off on one about it not being natural justice that the money ended up in the hands of a buffoon, though he admits Lance is good-natured. They then tell Fisher about Lance’s father shooting through with Doris from the pub. Fisher wants to talk to Barbara about timetable changes, but Barbara spurns his advances by making an excuse about having a date tonight. Once he’s left she tells Tom it was an excuse and Tom then invites her to Matt’s leaving do. Fisher overhears their entire conversation from the corridor before walking away.

Matt and Alan go surfing.

Steven talks about Lance losing $50, until Lance tells him that his father ran off with $50,000. Carly and Bobby come home from visiting Pippa in the hospital and want to ask what the new mobile home in the caravan park is about. Lance tell them it’s his new home. The girls laugh about Lance calling it a dream home in the previous episode. Colleen comes out and starts nagging at Lance. Lance walks into the caravan and Steven tells the girls about Lance’s predicament with Rhonda coming over that night, but being unable to contact her to cancel. Matt walks over and Bobby teases Carly about her boyfriend walking over. Carly and Matt go off for a walk.

Fisher turns up Celia’s house and asks if he can come in or is Barbara waiting for her date. He then goes on about not like her hypocrisy or dishonesty and how he heard Tom and Barbara organise the plans for that night after Fisher had left the classroom. Alan turns up and Fisher leaves quickly.

Barbara, Tom, Sally, Bobby, Steven, Carly and Alan are at Matt’s leaving do. Matt makes a dull speech. He blows out the candles on his cake and Sally asks if he made a wish.

Colleen sits watching TV. Lance finishes his tea and Colleen continues to mollycoddle him. Lance is uptight as he still hasn’t managed to get in conact with Rhonda to cancel.

Tom and Barbara sit at the table and talk about love and how she’s having problems with Fisher. She thinks that he wants to get back with her. Matt and Carly are in a caravan talking about their relationship. There’s a knock from the door. It’s Rhonda looking for Lance. Carly tells her that he’s moved to the mobile home now. Colleen and Lance are in the caravan. There’s a knock at the door. Lance says he’ll get it, but Colleen tells him it’s alright, she’ll get it. She answers the door and Rhonda flashes her. The following morning Colleen tells Lance that if he goes out with girls like that he’ll end up like his father and that’s going to talk to him about it after she’s seen the lawyer.

Lance comes round to the Summer Bay House asking if there’s any Corn Flakes. Lance says he’s sick and tired of people making fun of him and that he is going to offer a $1,000 for the first person who comes up with an idea to get rid of Colleen. He then walks away with the cereal. Carly, Steven and Lance discuss ways to get the money.

Alan goes to sit down to a fried breakfast. Barbara walks through and takes it off him and says that it will be his funeral if he eats it and the doctor put him onto a special diet for a reason. Alan says that because Barbara is jacked off at Alan because of her fight with Fisher. Barbara storms out. Alan and Bobby talk about things. Carly waits around her locker and Fisher tells her to get to class. Fisher walks up to the door. Fisher and Barbara stare at each other.

Later Carly reads a letter from Matt, who has now left, on the beach.

Barbara comes to Fisher’s office and tell him that he makes her sick. The two prodest moments of her life were “Having Alan” and “Leaving Donald” and that the thought of them falling in love again revolts her. Fisher asks “Is that all?”