60 Dolphin Crescent Avalon Beach

Bledcoe House

60 Dolphin Crescent
Avalon Beach NSW 2107

In Episode 4932 (September 2009), Ruby Buckton tracked down the home of her biological father Grant Bledcoe. There she met his wife and tricked her way into the house under the pretence of being a babysitter looking for work. It wasn’t long after Grant returned home that Ruby confronted him about raping Charlie and she … Continue reading Bledcoe House

2 Alexander Road Avalon Beach

Radcliffe House

2 Alexander Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2107

In Episode 4980 (2009), when it became apparent that VJ Patterson was being bullied by Riley Radcliffe, Leah and Miles went to visit Riley’s father Ian. When Miles was later beaten up by a gang of youths, he went back to the Radcliffe House and realised that Riley was one of the perpetrators. His resulting attempt … Continue reading Radcliffe House

17 Burrawong Road Avalon Beach

Patton House/Office

17 Burrawong Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2107

In March 2010, Charlie Buckton started seeing a counsellor, Michael Patton, over the commitment issues she was facing in her relationship with Angelo Rosetta. She kept these sessions a secret from Angelo, and as a result, he became suspicious of Michael – going so far as to follow Charlie to a session and spy on them … Continue reading Patton House/Office

34 Albert Road Avalon Beach

Palmer House (2009)

34 Albert Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2107

Episode 4828 in 2009 saw the introduction of the Palmer house, home to Trey and his parents John & Jenena. It was only seen on screen a couple of times, the last time being when Gardy robbed the house a couple of months later. After his divorce from Jenena, John was seen to have moved into a … Continue reading Palmer House (2009)

32 Albert Road Avalon Beach

Jones House

32 Albert Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2107

The Jones household, home of Melody and her parents Christine & Edward, was seen in various scenes throughout 2008. The location is in the Northern Beaches suburb of Avalon, in an area used regularly for filming, and lies next door to the house used as the Palmer House. The most recent incarnation of Leah’s House is also further … Continue reading Jones House

12 Albert Road Avalon Beach

Patterson House (2009-2015)

12 Albert Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2106

After 14 years on screen by that point, and after nearly a decade of using an established location nearby, Leah’s House moved to its third filming location in 2009. Viewers first saw the latest incarnation of the house in Episode 4836, in a one-off appearance when Charlie’s car was vandalised during her relationship with Joey … Continue reading Patterson House (2009-2015)

McCarrs Creek Reserve, Church Point

Blaxland Wharf (2004-Present)

McCarrs Creek Reserve
McCarrs Creek Road
Church Point NSW 2105

Having been used various times over the years, including in 1992 for Bobby & Greg’s wedding, this reserve started being seen prominently from 2004 onwards as the Summer Bay wharf where Alf’s boat ‘The Blaxland’ was moored. Numerous scenes have been filmed on the wharf and the area surrounding the creek, Leah & Dan’s wedding … Continue reading Blaxland Wharf (2004-Present)

28 Delecta Avenue Clareville

Beach House (1990-1999)

28 Delecta Avenue
Clareville NSW 2107

With over 25 years clocked up on the show so far, the Beach House stands as one of Summer Bay’s most iconic locations. It’s debut on the show came in Episode 516 in 1990, when Adam Cameron and Matt Wilson rented the house from owner Ernie Jacobs. Ernie later sold the house to Marilyn Chambers, … Continue reading Beach House (1990-1999)

4/2 Myola Road Newport

Roman’s Townhouse

4/2 Myola Road
Newport NSW 2106

Making its debut in October 2007 in Episode 4523 (it’s exterior via a stock shot in 4526), the townhouse was first seen when Brad Armstrong rented it to make a proper home for himself and half-sister Tam. However a month later Brad and Tam left for Tasmania, and Roman Harris took over residence of the … Continue reading Roman’s Townhouse

Karala 83 Pacific Road Palm Beach

De Bono House

83 Pacific Road
Palm Beach NSW 2108

Episode 4882 in 2009 saw Donna De Bono arrested for the murder of husband Lou, with the police raiding the luxury hillside home she shared with him. The real life house of course, overlooks Palm Beach, and is one of the many houses available for holiday letting in the area. It’s very rare that the … Continue reading De Bono House

13 Edwin Avenue Avalon

Nash/Patterson House (2000-2009)

13 Edwin Avenue
Avalon Beach NSW 2107

The location used for the home of Leah Patterson-Baker over the last decade.

Barrenjoey Boathouse Palm Beach

Pier Diner / Bait Shop

Barrenjoey Boathouse
Governer Phillip Park
1191-1193 Barrenjoey Road
Palm Beach NSW 2108

This already famous location became even more iconic in March 2008, with it being the location for Summer Bay’s new Pier Diner. Bringing the Diner back to Palm Beach enables the crew to work more quickly, due to the fact that its predecessor was half an hour away in Collaroy. The Barrenjoey Boathouse and adjoining … Continue reading Pier Diner / Bait Shop

20 Etival Street Palm Beach

Bayside Diner

20 Etival Street
Palm Beach NSW 2108

Set up by Ailsa Stewart and Bobby Simpson, The Bayside Diner was first seen in Episode 226 in the final week of 1988 (the exterior seen in the first episode of 1989), and featured as an iconic location in the show for nearly 12 years. When Colleen accidentally started a chip pan fire in Episode … Continue reading Bayside Diner

12 Burrawong Road Avalon Beach

Jefferies House (2008)

12 Burrawong Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2107

Seen in 2008, this house was the family home of Aden Jefferies and his father Larry. It was seen in a few exterior and interior scenes throughout the year, culminating in the storyline where Aden held his father and Rachel Armstrong captive in the shed (though the interior of the shed itself was a studio … Continue reading Jefferies House (2008)

31 Whale Beach Road Avalon Beach

Holden/Palmer House (2005-2013)

31 Whale Beach Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2107

This location was first seen in Episode 4020 in 2005, when the Holden family moved to Summer Bay into the house next door to the Hunters. When Tony and Lucas moved in with the Hunters, the house became known as the Bachelor Pad, before Tony’s sister Gina Austin eventually moved in with her family, later … Continue reading Holden/Palmer House (2005-2013)

114 Iluka Road Palm Beach

Norfolk Boatshed

114 Iluka Road
Palm Beach NSW 2108

The Norfolk Boatshed was first seen in 1990 in Episode 621, when Ben & Carly Lucini were looking to buy the business. However after much negotiations and a loan from Pippa, their hopes were dashed when newcomer Michael Ross offered the owner $10,000 more than Ben & Carly could afford, and he subsequently bought the … Continue reading Norfolk Boatshed

33 Whale Beach Road Avalon

Hunter/Braxton House (2005-2013)

33 Whale Beach Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2107

When the Holdens moved in next door to the Hunters in Episode 4020 in 2005, it called for a new exterior location to be found for the Hunter house—a place which had been seen on screen since 1998 and housed residents such as James Fraser, Shauna Bradley and Sally & Flynn. During it’s tenure, the … Continue reading Hunter/Braxton House (2005-2013)

Station Beach Barrenjoey Beach Palm Beach

Flat Beach

Station Beach
Governer Phillip Park
Palm Beach NSW 2108

Named in the show as ‘Flat Beach’, Station Beach (also known as Barrenjoey Beach) runs along the western shore of the Palm Beach peninsula overlooking Pittwater. The Barrenjoey Boathouse & Seaplane Wharf (used as the Pier Diner) stands as the main feature on the beach, which extends up to the base of Barrenjoey Headland where … Continue reading Flat Beach

20 Currawong Avenue Palm Beach

Nash House

20 Currawong Avenue
Palm Beach NSW 2108

Not to be confused with the Nash/Patterson House, which was the old family home of Travis & Joel Nash (and which Joel & Gypsy later moved into for a short time themselves), this location was the home that Joel and his family moved into on their return to Summer Bay in 1998. Located just a … Continue reading Nash House

Palm Beach NSW Summer Bay

Palm Beach

Palm Beach NSW 2108

Looking for information on the fire that broke out near Palm Beach on Saturday 28 September? Click here to read the full story.   This page is currently acting as a placeholder and we will be adding much more information on Palm Beach very soon. The northernmost of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the real life home … Continue reading Palm Beach

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