Bledcoe House


In Episode 4932 (September 2009), Ruby Buckton tracked down the home of her biological father Grant Bledcoe. There she met his wife and tricked her way into the house under the pretence of being a babysitter looking for work. It wasn’t long after Grant returned home that Ruby confronted him about raping Charlie and she was kicked out. Having realised where Ruby had gone, Charlie was on her way to the house and picked up Ruby nearby as Grant looked on.

The Bledcoe House is located on Dolphin Crescent in Avalon, a few doors down from the Walker House, and the location was used for both interior and exterior scenes. Charlie met with Ruby close to the house, at the corner of Dophin Crescent and Coral Close (seen on the 2nd Street View tab), with Charlie driving away down the latter (which is in reality a dead end). This area of Avalon is frequently used for filming, with several other houses from the show situated in neighbouring roads.


60 Dolphin Crescent
Avalon Beach NSW 2107