Grant Bledcoe

Grant Bledcoe(2009)
Clayton Watson
Episodes: 4932-4942

Marital Status: Tracey Bledcoe
Children: Ruby Buckton, Mila Bledcoe, unnamed son
Occupation: Businessman

Grant Bledcoe was Charlie Buckton’s teenage boyfriend.When he was fifteen and she was fourteen, he raped her and left her pregnant with Ruby.When Ruby learned the full story, she became determined to track him down.She went to his house calling herself Lucy Marsen and claimed she was looking for a job as a babysitter.Grant came home while she was there and chatted to her, failing to notice how uncomfortable she was around him.When his wife Tracey entered the room, Ruby revealed who she was and accused him of raping her mother.The couple threw her out of the house but Grant followed and saw her with Charlie.He followed them back to Summer Bay and went to their house.Charlie was terrified and slammed the door on him as he shouted out that Ruby didn’t know the full story.

Grant went to the Diner and tricked Leah into giving him Charlie’s phone number, claiming he was an old police colleague of hers.He then rang the house and spoke to Ruby, persuading her to meet him.They met up by the beach where he told her that he’d pressured Charlie into sleeping with him but never forced himself on her.Ruby responded by telling him her real name.Charlie and Angelo arrived and took Ruby away, with Angelo threatening to have Grant charged with impersonating a police officer, but Ruby was left uncertain who to believe.

Charlie began investigating unsolved rape cases near where Grant lived, prompting Grant to go to the police station and complain to Angelo about Charlie causing trouble for him.He then approached Charlie at the Diner to ask her to stop the police harrassing him and refused to stay away from Ruby.Charlie angrily threatened to kill him if he didn’t leave them alone, with Angelo having to drag her away, an incident that was witnessed by several people including Colleen, Leah, Xavier and Jai.Grant went to see Ruby at Irene’s place and asked her to talk to Charlie but Ruby was reluctant to take sides.

Charlie spoke to Bonnie and Brooke, two women who had been employed by Grant and been given large sums of money when they left him.Brooke admitted Grant had taken her out for dinner and then raped her but refused to give a statement, saying he’d made her sign a confidentiality agreement in exchange for the money.Meanwhile, Tracey pleaded Grant’s case to Ruby and Grant himself later went round her place, where Irene was reluctant to let him speak to her, and said Tracey coming round wasn’t his idea.Charlie met Grant at the surf club and told him they should do what was best for Ruby…then, once he got into her car, she tasered him unconscious.Grant recovered to find himself tied up at an abandoned farm house. Charlie threw a cup of water in his face and instructed him to admit he’d raped her on tape.When Grant refused, she knocked him to the ground and hit him, but was interrupted by Ruby.Charlie agreed to stop beating Grant and wait until morning but Ruby then tried to untie him when Charlie was out of the room. When Charlie returned, she reluctantly let him go herself but Grant’s use of the phrase Charlie had said he used that night, “crying like a sooky kid”, made Ruby realise Charlie had been telling the truth.Grant dropped the act, pointing out if Charlie told anyone what had happened she’d be thrown out of the police. Ruby punched him and sent him on his way.

Grant returned to town a few days later and went to the Diner, where he asked Colleen to get Leah to give him a call.Xavier, who was unaware of what had transpired, felt he should try and get to know Ruby’s father and introduced himself, horrifying Ruby when she saw them talking.As Grant returned to his vehicle, Angelo appeared and pointed out various problems with it, threatening to report him, but Grant responded by going to the police station and reporting Angelo for harrassment.That night, Alf found Grant stabbed to death on the beach.It was eventually revealed that Charlie’s father Ross, on learning Grant was back on the scene, had arranged to meet him and told him to stay away from his family, then stabbed him in anger when he refused.

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