The Sands Resort (2003)


The Sands Resort, built by Martha MacKenzie’s paternal family the Macklins, has been one of the recurring locations in the show since 1989. Though talked of more often than seen, a number of locations have been used over the years for the times when it did appear on screen.

This particular incarnation of ‘The Sands’ is the only one if its locations to actually be on the water’s edge, where it was said to have been located when it was first built. It lies at the southern end of Pittwater in the suburb of Newport, and was seen around the time of Dani Sutherland’s trial in late 2003 when her mother Shelley (with new partner David), Josh West and Morag Bellingham stayed there. The location is probably most memorable as the place where Tasha pushed Morag into the swimming pool in Episode 3625.

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Newport Mirage Hotel
Queens Parade West
Newport NSW 2106