Robbo, Jasmine & Tori’s Safe House

Downes Family Farm
Brownlow Hill Loop Road
Brownlow Hill NSW 2570

As Summer Bay celebrated Robbo Shaw and Jasmine Delaney’s nuptials, the residents were shocked when federal police stormed Salt and took Robbo and Jasmine away in the middle of their reception. Unbeknownst to everyone, the newlyweds alongside Tori Morgan were being whisked off into protective custody, and were transported to a safe house in an […]

Bald Hill Headland Reserve Stanwell Tops Park

Rocky Point

Bald Hill Headland Reserve
Otford Road
Stanwell Tops NSW 2508

In Episode 1863, Alex Bennett & Shannon Reed went hang gliding with some friends of Alex’s, Phil & Georgie, who had come to the bay to view Angel & Shane’s house and decided to take advantage of a nearby launch site at Rocky Point. When Phil & Shannon’s tandem hang glide took an unexpected landing, […]

Thirlmere Level Crossing Trainworks

Laura’s Death

Oaks Street Level Crossing
Thirlmere NSW 2572

In 1995, an Italian exchange student named Laura Bonetti came to stay in the Stewart household. With both Curtis and Jack falling for her, it became obvious from the outset that Laura’s thirst for excitement and disdain for authority was going to cause problems. Laura was soon dragging Curtis into mischief, making the front page […]