Tammy’s House / Jetty (Mangrove River)

139 Brooklyn Road
Brooklyn NSW 2083

In the final week of the 2020 season, and struggling to cope following the imprisonment of best mate Colby, Dean Thompson retreated to his old hometown of Mangrove River, where he proceeded to drown his sorrows at local bar The Mangrove. After getting into a brawl and hearing sirens approaching, Dean make a quick exit … Continue reading Tammy’s House / Jetty (Mangrove River)

4 Milsted Road Terrey Hills

Elliot’s House

4 Milsted Road
Terrey Hills NSW 2084

In Episode 4684 (2008), Nicole Franklin visited the home of Elliot Gillen, the brother of an old army friend of her father Roman. After recently meeting Elliot for the first time, Roman had his suspicions as to Elliot’s motives for turning up in the bay. When Nicole, who was supposed to have gone to visit … Continue reading Elliot’s House

130A Booralie Road Duffys Forest

Harry’s Kidnap

130A Booralie Road
Duffys Forest NSW 2084

In August 2008, Rachel & Tony Holden’s baby Harry was abducted. Though Rachel suspected Jane Avent, a woman who had recently lost her baby at the hospital and had started following Rachel around, the police found no evidence. When Rachel bumped into a letting agent in Episode 4922, who spoke of a studio cottage that … Continue reading Harry’s Kidnap

The Greenway Duffys Forest

Franklin House

1 The Greenway
Duffys Forest NSW 2084

In Episode 4743 (2008), Geoff Campbell took Nicole Franklin to visit her mother Natalie in the city. Whilst there, Natalie threw a party in Nicole’s honour, but Nicole later found that the sob story her mother had told her on the phone had been a ruse. Natalie wanted Nicole to move home so that she … Continue reading Franklin House

3 Braeside Street Wahroonga

Amanda’s Mansion

3 Braeside Street
Wahroonga NSW 2076

In Episode 4199 (aired in June 2006), Amanda Vale breezed back into town to reveal herself as the producer of a movie that was applying for a permit to film in Summer Bay. Amanda wasted no time in making it known that she was a ‘changed’ person and was now rolling in money – which … Continue reading Amanda’s Mansion

44 Wellman Road Forestville

Angelo’s House (2009-2010)

44 Wellman Road
Forestville NSW 2087

Despite being a regular character on and off for the past few years, Angelo’s house has only made a few fleeting appearances. After a few interior scenes around the 2008 season finale and 2009 season opener, which were filmed elsewhere, Episodes 4886–4887 in June 2009 marked the first time we saw the exterior of the … Continue reading Angelo’s House (2009-2010)

Kangaroo Point Brooklyn NSW

Doyles Point Wharf / The Mangrove

Kangaroo Point
Pacific Highway
Brooklyn NSW 2083

In early 2009, Aden Jefferies started work on Don Gibson‘s prawn trawler, located at the previously unseen Doyles Point Wharf in Summer Bay. In reality the wharf is at Kangaroo Point in the Hawkesbury River town of Brooklyn, a town which was used for various locations throughout 2009. The wharf is located just off the … Continue reading Doyles Point Wharf / The Mangrove

Dolphin Boatshed Marina Brooklyn NSW

Jack’s Boat Wharf

Dolphin Boatshed Marina
Brooklyn Road
Brooklyn NSW 2083

In late 2008, Martha MacKenzie purchased a rundown boat for husband Jack Holden, however he didn’t get a chance to enjoy it as only a week later Jack was shot dead. In the weeks following Jack’s death, Rachel grew suspicious of Tony’s sneaking out in the middle of the night. On one such occasion she … Continue reading Jack’s Boat Wharf

Brooklyn Motel NSW

Liam’s Shop

Brooklyn Motel
7 Bridge Street
Brooklyn NSW 2083

In Episode 4944 (2009), having recently moved to the bay, Liam Murphy bought an old run-down restaurant with a view to renovating it and starting up a music shop. He enlisted Romeo to help him with the renovation, who ended up in hospital when he held a party there without Liam’s knowledge and drank a … Continue reading Liam’s Shop

16 Cliff Avenue North Wahroonga

Fraser House (2005)

16 Cliff Avenue
North Wahroonga NSW 2076

Following the death of Chloe Richards in Episode 4001, her daughter Olivia was placed in the custody of her paternal grandmother, the devious Diana Fraser. In Episode 4012, after a pleading phone call from Olivia who hated living with her grandmother, Irene travelled to Diana’s house to see her. Irene comforted Olivia briefly through the … Continue reading Fraser House (2005)

3 Government Road Brooklyn

Collins’ House

3 Government Road
Brooklyn NSW 2083

In Episode 4790 (2009) we were introduced to Joey Collins. She lived with her brother Brett in a house near to the wharf, where she worked alongside Aden Jefferies on Don Gibson’s prawn trawler. After being raped by co-worker Robbo, she ended up moving in with Charlie Buckton and embarking on a short lived relationship … Continue reading Collins’ House

Hawkesbury River Fish Co-Op Life Boat Seafoods Brooklyn

Summer Bay Fish Market

Hawkesbury River Fish Co-Op
1 McKell Park
Brooklyn NSW 2083

In Episode 4953 (2009), Ruby Buckton commenced work at the Summer Bay Fish Market, where Detective Robertson later came to ask her questions regarding the murder of her biological father Grant Bledcoe. In reality the building is the Hawkesbury River Fish Co-Op, which sits at the rear of the Life Boat Seafood restaurant in Brooklyn. … Continue reading Summer Bay Fish Market

Bremon 27-31 Chilton Parade, Warrawee

Osbourne’s Mansion

27-31 Chilton Parade
Warrawee NSW 2047

The grand home of Tasha’s father Ian Osbourne, as seen in 2004.

Waratah Park Earth Sanctuary 13 Namba Road Duffys Forest

Summer Bay Caravan Park (2007-2009)

Waratah Park Earth Sanctuary
13 Namba Road
Duffys Forest NSW 2084

After very rare appearances over the 2000’s, following the destruction of the real life Jackeroo Ranch in bushfires in 2002, Summer Bay Caravan Park started to make some regular appearances on screen again from 2007. And for those of you who have wondered why emus suddenly started appearing in the Caravan Park, then look no … Continue reading Summer Bay Caravan Park (2007-2009)

Mount Kuring-gai Motel 705 Pacific Highway

Brad’s Motel

Mount Kuring-gai Motel
705 Pacific Highway
Mount Kuring-gai NSW 2080

Following the wedding to Sally that never was in 2007, Brad Armstrong moved out to stay in a nearby motel, where he later brought half-sister Tam to live with him briefly before moving to the Townhouse. The location is the real life Mount Kuring-gai Motel which stands on Pacific Highway, adjacent to the main Sydney/Newcastle … Continue reading Brad’s Motel

West Head Lookout Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Stewarts Point

West Head Lookout
West Head Road
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
Ku-ring-gai Chase NSW

Though the location of the fictional Stewarts Point has always been a bit inconsistent over the years, it’s a safe bet to say that this is place which people think of when they hear the name. West Head Lookout was indeed named as being Stewarts Point when Shane Parrish collapsed and died on a rock … Continue reading Stewarts Point

The Centre Forestville

Yabbie Creek (2004-2009)

The Centre
Darley Street
Forestville NSW 2087

This shopping precinct in Forestville has been used since 2004 for the location of Yabbie Creek. During its first use on screen, Seb & Jade went into Mackinnon & Richardson Real Estate to look for a home. This very building later became the Coastal News offices in 2008 when Belle started working there. The shop … Continue reading Yabbie Creek (2004-2009)

West Head Road Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Old Yabbie Creek Road

West Head Road
Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
Ku-ring-gai Chase NSW

This 13km stretch of road in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park has had a long history with the show. With it being the road which leads to the infamous Stewarts Point location, it has been seen numerous times over the years. One of it’s most memorable scenes came in 2003 when Dani Sutherland accidentally knocked … Continue reading Old Yabbie Creek Road