Elliot’s House


In Episode 4684 (2008), Nicole Franklin visited the home of Elliot Gillen, the brother of an old army friend of her father Roman. After recently meeting Elliot for the first time, Roman had his suspicions as to Elliot’s motives for turning up in the bay. When Nicole, who was supposed to have gone to visit her mother, turned out not to be there after all, Roman suspected that she may have gone to visit Elliot. He drove to the city with Charlie, and his instincts proved right when Nicole opened the door with a half-undressed Elliot.

Though the location of the house was meant to be in the city, it’s real life location is in fact in the semi-rural suburb of Terrey Hills, an area often used in the show around that time.


4 Milsted Road
Terrey Hills NSW 2084