Episode 4684

Australian Air Date: 17th July 2008
UK Air Date: 18th September 2008

Elliot decides to move to Summer Bay. Can Mattie and Ric’s relationship survive the distance? Martha changes her mind.

Extended Summary

It’s all systems go in Summer Bay after Ross and Morag’s wedding.

Roman is desperate about Nicole’s disappearance. Panic-stricken, he tries to think of where she could be, when suddenly it hits him – she could be with Elliot, the brother of his army friend who she was getting friendly with. His instinct is right and when he knocks at Elliot’s door a clearly surprised Nicole answers. Roman’s relief is overtaken by frustration when Nicole acts defiant. Elliot and Nicole reveal to Roman that Elliot has decided to move to Summer Bay. He and Nicole have apparently become pretty close and they want to see where it could lead. Roman is shocked by Elliot’s news – there is something about Elliot he just can’t trust.

Ric is finding it hard to think about anything other than Mattie who is away at university. He feels hurt that she didn’t ring him back. Meanwhile, Matilda finally gets Ric’s phone message – a few days late. She is frustrated that Nathan hadn’t told her about Ric’s call before, she still misses him and the break up is taking its toll on her (perhaps reveal that Nathan was the one holding back the call – as he is part of the story). Ric finally gets through to her and he can’t resist asking if she is seeing anyone and his heart jumps when Matilda answers that of course she isn’t, she really misses him. Their special connection is obviously still strong despite the huge distance between them.

Martha seems calm despite the fact that it is the morning of her surgery. But at the hospital she drops a bombshell to Jack – she has changed her mind about the lumpectomy and has decided to go ahead with a mastectomy instead. This will give her a better chance of isolating the cancer without needing other risky treatments later on. Jack is reeling at Martha’s decision which seems to have come completely out of the blue. Martha insists she has thought it through and she wants to do whatever is best to treat the cancer and help the baby, even if that means losing a breast. In the end Jack, though bewildered and struggling with her decision, has no option but to support her. He tells her he will be right there waiting for her when she comes out of surgery.

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