Old Yabbie Creek Road


This 13km stretch of road in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park has had a long history with the show. With it being the road which leads to the infamous Stewarts Point location, it has been seen numerous times over the years.

One of it’s most memorable scenes came in 2003 when Dani Sutherland accidentally knocked down Kane Phillips. With the road being closed to the public overnight it provided the perfect location to film the scenes throughout the night.

The same stretch of road also featured when Shane Parrish was taken to hospital following his collapse at Stewarts Point, and also in the ‘Hearts Divided’ spinoff DVD when Kirsty Sutherland was being chased by the police.

Other more recent appearances have included the return scenes of the Walker family and Marilyn Chambers—the latter of which was filmed on the same stretch that was seen when Miles brought Leah & VJ back from the airport following their visit to Africa (seen in the 2nd Street View tab). It also made featured prominently in the closing scenes of the 2010 season finale following Bianca & Vittorio’s non-wedding.


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