Harry’s Kidnap


In August 2008, Rachel & Tony Holden’s baby Harry was abducted. Though Rachel suspected Jane Avent, a woman who had recently lost her baby at the hospital and had started following Rachel around, the police found no evidence.

When Rachel bumped into a letting agent in Episode 4922, who spoke of a studio cottage that ‘Rachel’ had apparently leased from her, Rachel realised that this was where Jane must have been keeping Harry. Rachel and the police rushed to the cottage, and after a small stand-off, Jane handed Harry over.

The cottage is located in the rural suburb of Duffys Forest, which is surrounded on three sides by the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. The area was used frequently for filming around this time, with the 2007 incarnation of the Summer Bay Caravan Park and the Franklin House both nearby.


130A Booralie Road
Duffys Forest NSW 2084