Liam’s Shop


In Episode 4944 (2009), having recently moved to the bay, Liam Murphy bought an old run-down restaurant with a view to renovating it and starting up a music shop. He enlisted Romeo to help him with the renovation, who ended up in hospital when he held a party there without Liam’s knowledge and drank a spiked drink. Soon afterwards it was discovered that the building need to be completely rewired and was unfit for habitation. Liam moved out whilst he tried to get the money together, but the building was then forgotten by the show’s writers and never seen or mentioned again.

In reality the building is a former restaurant in the Hawkesbury River town of Brooklyn, and appeared to be in the same condition when we photographed it in October 2009, 5 months after it was used on the show.

Since then, the building has been renovated and opened in 2012 as a boutique motel. Visit the Brooklyn Motel website for more information.


Brooklyn Motel
7 Bridge Street
Brooklyn NSW 2083