Astoni City House

3 Stamford Avenue
Cabarita NSW 2137

Viewers were first introduced to the Astoni family—consisting of parents Ben and Maggie and their two daughters Ziggy and Coco—in June 2017. Brody Morgan, who was attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in the city, bumped into Ziggy in the toilets of a community centre as she hid from her dad Ben. Brody later assisted by … Continue reading Astoni City House

55 Phillip Street Birchgrove

Graham Lynch’s House

55 Phillip Street
Birchgrove NSW 2041

Following the temporary breakdown of her marriage to Alf in August 1988, Ailsa Stewart left Summer Bay to stay with her old friend Graham Lynch (played by Tom Richards) in the city. In Episode 174, we saw Ailsa and Graham sitting outside his home discussing Ailsa’s decision to sell the store to Celia, and the … Continue reading Graham Lynch’s House

NSW Writers Centre Garry Owen House Callan Park Lilyfield

Irene’s Care Home

Garry Owen House
Callan Park
Balmain Rd
Lilyfield NSW 2040

In 2005, Irene Roberts began displaying some worrying symptoms including headaches, acute paranoia and hallucinations of the recently deceased Chloe. With nothing physically wrong with Irene, it was presumed that she was suffering from sort form of psychosis—but little did they know that Irene’s lodger, police officer Corey Henderson, was in fact slowly poisoning Irene … Continue reading Irene’s Care Home

St John's Church 81 Alt St Ashfield

Dylan’s Baptism

St John's Church
81 Alt St
Ashfield NSW 2131

Following young Dylan Parrish’s diagnosis with leukaemia in 1995, the decision was taken by Shane & Angel to have him baptised.

Alexandria Arms 35 Henderson Rd

Reefton Arms Hotel

Alexandria Arms
35 Henderson Rd
Alexandria NSW 2015

In 2012 (Episodes 5584–5585), Danny Braxton forced his son Casey into taking part in an armed robbery on the Reefton Arms Hotel. When Danny threatened him into killing a staff member he’d taken hostage, Casey instead turned the gun on Danny and shot him dead. In reality, the Reefton Arms Hotel is the Alexandria Hotel, … Continue reading Reefton Arms Hotel

15 Cove Street Birchgrove

Barbara’s House

15 Cove Street
Birchgrove NSW 2041

In early 1989, Bobby Simpson was on a mission to find out the identity of her birth mother, clues to which lied in the diaries of Alf’s deceased wife Martha. Believing her mother may have been Alf’s sister Barbara, Frank took Bobby to Barbara’s city home in Episode 231. Though she wasn’t Bobby’s mother, Barbara … Continue reading Barbara’s House

Kimber Lane Chinatown Sydney


Kimber Lane
Haymarket NSW 2000

Having been kidnapped by Suzy Sadiro in the 2009 season finale, Martha MacKenzie was driven to Chinatown by Derrick Quaid in the opening episodes of 2010. However Angelo Rosetta had also hidden himself in the back seat of the car, and knocked Dennis out, setting Martha free. When Derrick came to and shot at Angelo … Continue reading Chinatown

Camperdown Music Academy

The Rocket Club

Camperdown Music Academy
128 – 130 Pyrmont Bridge Road
Camperdown NSW 2050

In 2007, Martha MacKenzie met Cam Reynolds who offered her a job at his establishment – The Rocket Club. The club would end up being one of the most dramatic locations for 2007 as far as Martha’s storylines go – with her first getting caught up in a drugs bust, being spotted by friends and … Continue reading The Rocket Club

Annandale Hotel 17 Parramatta Road

City Pub (Sam & Noel)

Annandale Hotel
17 Parramatta Road
Annandale NSW 2038

In Episode 4599 (2008), Sam Holden visited a shady gentleman in a city pub. When he later turned up on her doorstep, it transpired that she was going to pay him to beat her up, in an attempt to remove suspicion of her for Johnny Cooper’s murder. The establishment she visited is, in reality, The … Continue reading City Pub (Sam & Noel)

92 Evans Street Rozelle

Young St. Medical Centre

92 Evans Street
Rozelle NSW 2039

In Episode 4565 (2008), Henk Van Patten visited his old doctor in the city and found out he was HIV Positive. To make matters worse, he later discovered he had inadvertently transferred the virus to his girlfriend Cassie Turner. The building used for the surgery is in the Inner West Sydney suburb of Rozelle, on … Continue reading Young St. Medical Centre

The Riverview Hotel, 29 Birchgrove Road, Balmain

City Pub (Jack)

The Riverview Hotel
29 Birchgrove Road
Balmain NSW 2041

In Episode 4618 (2008), Jack Holden visited this pub to track down the guy his wife Sam had paid to beat her up, in order to clear his own name for her murder. In reality the establishment is the listed Riverview Hotel, located in the Inner West Sydney suburb of Balmain, and stands directly opposite … Continue reading City Pub (Jack)

22 Birchgrove Road Balmain

Britt’s House

22 Birchgrove Road
Balmain NSW 2041

Following her husband Jack discovering the truth about Johnny Cooper’s death in 2008, Sam Holden took her son Rory to the city to stay with her sister, Britt Grey. When she later returned without Rory, she committed suicide in an attempt to set up Jack and Martha for her murder. Morag was determined to find … Continue reading Britt’s House

40 Nelson Street, Annandale

Peter & Amanda’s City House

40 Nelson Street
Annandale NSW 2038

When Drew Curtis split up with Belle Taylor in 2008, he left the bay to stay with his dad Peter Baker and stepmum Amanda. In Episode 4599, both Drew’s mum Jazz and friend Ric visited Drew at the house in an attempt to bring him back to the bay. In reality, the 1890’s Victorian terrace … Continue reading Peter & Amanda’s City House

84 Evans Street Rozelle

Fletchers’ City House

84 Evans Street
Rozelle NSW 2039

In the Pilot episode back in 1988, we were introduced to the Fletcher family in their Sydney home. Tom was retrenched and so the family decided to move out of the city to the coastal town of Summer Bay. The house used as their city home, seen a fair few times in the Pilot episode, … Continue reading Fletchers’ City House

Waverley Cemetery Bronte

Viv’s Funeral

Waverley Cemetery
St Thomas Street
Bronte NSW 2024

Episode 3856 in 2004 saw the funeral of Alf’s childhood sweetheart Viv Standish (also known as ‘The Guv’), where he found out from her sister Hannah that his and Viv’s son would likely have been adopted by a couple called the Marions. This eventually led Alf to finding out the identity of his recently deceased … Continue reading Viv’s Funeral

Lily Pond Centennial Park

Sally & Flynn’s Wedding

The Lily Pond
Parkes Drive
Centennial Park NSW 2021

Episode 3538 in 2003 saw the wedding of Flynn Saunders & Sally Fletcher, though as with many Summer Bay weddings, the day didn’t go off without a hitch (pun intended). When Sally finally arrived at the ceremony after being thrown off the horse-drawn cart, the heavens opened and the ceremony was rained off. Seeking shelter … Continue reading Sally & Flynn’s Wedding

Balmain Courthouse

Kane’s Trial (2005)

Balmain Courthouse
368 Darling Street
Balmain NSW 2041

In Episode 3903, Kane Phillips appeared in court on the charge of armed robbery, a crime which had in fact been committed by his father. When Kane’s brother Scott lied to the court, framing Kane, it became apparent which way the case was going to swing. By the time the jury announced their guilty verdict, … Continue reading Kane’s Trial (2005)

Victoria Court Hotel Potts Point Sydney

Josie’s Brothel

Victoria Court Hotel
122 Victoria Street
Potts Point NSW 2011

In Episode 3801 Irene and Dylan track down Angie’s cousin Josie Russell to her place of work – a brothel in Sydney named ‘Leather and Silk.’ In reality the building is Victoria Court, an elegant historic bed and breakfast in Potts Point, just east of Sydney’s CBD. See the Victoria Court website for more information. … Continue reading Josie’s Brothel

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach
Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Hayley, Noah, Kirsty, Kane, Dani and Scott visited the world-famous Bondi Beach in Episode 3779 in 2004. It was also seen more recently 2008 when Cassie & Ric were having a break there in Episode 4582, with Matilda and Martha deciding to travel up to break the news about Sally’s attack and Dan’s death. The … Continue reading Bondi Beach