City Pub (Sam & Noel)


In Episode 4599 (2008), Sam Holden visited a shady gentleman in a city pub. When he later turned up on her doorstep, it transpired that she was going to pay him to beat her up, in an attempt to remove suspicion of her for Johnny Cooper’s murder.

The establishment she visited is, in reality, The Annandale Hotel, a well known and popular live music venue in the Inner West suburb of the same name. It sits on the corner of Parramatta Road and Nelson Street, the latter of which is the location of Peter & Amanda’s City house, also seen in the same episode.

The location was also seen 3 episodes earlier in 4596, when Noel Anderson was shown to be behind Ric being laid off from his job at the garage.

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Annandale Hotel
17 Parramatta Road
Annandale NSW 2038