Noel Anderson

Noel Anderson
Steve Vidler
Episodes: 4544 – 4547; 4557; 4595 – 4636; 4640

Marital Status: Vivian Anderson (Wife)

Noel Anderson first appeared on the scene as a wealthy client of the garage where Ric worked at. He thanked Ric for the hard work he had done on his wife’s car and invited him and Matilda out for dinner, refusing to take no for an answer. He hit on Matilda in Noah’s until Ric pointed out that she was with him and later hooked up with a young blonde girl.

He turned up a few days later looking for Viv and it was revealed that she had left him. He threatened Ric before leaving. He found Viv in a caravan and threatened her that Ric couldn’t give her the life of luxury she was used to but Viv responded that Ric could at least show her love.

After finding out that Viv was pregnant, Noel approached Ric and offered him money to stay out of Viv and the baby’s lives. He told Ric that the whole thing was a set up to get Viv pregnant, because Noel couldn’t have kids. When Ric refused Noel tried to have him beaten up but Ric gave as good as he got and Noel came once more to see him and they agreed to stay away from each other. He added that Ric could make money fighting and told him to call him if he ever wanted work of that kind.

Noel re-appeared in Ric’s life by getting him sacked from his job and destroying his car so he had no means of being re-employed. He offered Ric a way to get some money – through an illegal fight ring. He pressured Ric into doing it, saying it had nothing to do with the fact Ric slept with his wife, and organising the robbery of Summer Bay House so that Ric was in a dire financial situation.

Ric accepted the deal, and quickly became a star attraction of Noel’s. He then organised a revenge match between one of Johnny Cooper’s henchman and Ric, but after Ric collasped from pnuemonia, was accused of match fixing by some punters who had bet a great deal of money on the fight.

He was getting cornered by his creditors, so he threatened Viv’s baby to force Ric to fight. Ric accepted, and began to fight Logan, but the arrival of an ambulance to treat Viv (who had collasped) had made everyone flee the building. The punters who he owed money left, not before threatening Noel.

He then went into his office and brought out a gun, claiming Ric & Logan had to fight so he could get his money. He threatened to shoot Alf, not before Lara and Jack arrived and arrested him.

He was bailed from jail and turned up at The Caravan Park House looking for Viv but soon after two henchmen came looking for him. Ric discovered Noel’s wallet and jacket on the ground and thought that the henchmen had caught up with Noel but it was later revealed he had faked his own disappearance.

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