Viv’s Funeral

Waverley Cemetery Bronte


Episode 3856 in 2004 saw the funeral of Alf’s childhood sweetheart Viv Standish (also known as ‘The Guv’), where he found out from her sister Hannah that his and Viv’s son would likely have been adopted by a couple called the Marions. This eventually led Alf to finding out the identity of his recently deceased son, and that local troublemaker Ric Dalby was in fact his own grandson.

The funeral was held at the breathtaking Waverley Cemetery, which overlooks the ocean in the eastern Sydney suburb of Bronte. The site boasts over 50,000 graves over 40 acres, and claims to be the most widely known and respected cemetery in the whole of Australia. Indeed it has occasionally been acknowledged as one of the world’s most beautiful cemeteries. To film here costs approximately $440 an hour.


Waverley Cemetery
St Thomas Street
Bronte NSW 2024