Carter House


In Episode 8151, airing in Australia in November 2023, Remi Carter took girlfriend Bree Cameron to his family home in the city to meet his parents, as they threw a party for their 35th wedding anniversary celebrations. Although Graham and Nicola were known to be well off, having made a name for themselves in one of the big city orchestras, Bree was surprised when they pulled up outside their grand abode and told Remi that he may have understated it slightly.

There was some tension between Remi and Bree during the soirée, with Bree upset that Remi had not yet told his parents the full circumstances of how they’d got together, something which was righted the next morning over breakfast in the garden.

The real-life property, built in 1908 and said to be a fine example of Federation Arts and Crafts style architecture, lies in an exclusive enclave in the corner of Sydney’s Centennial Park, around two miles south-east of the CBD. The house was utilised for both exterior and interior scenes over two episodes.


50 Martin Road
Centennial Park NSW 2021