Sally & Flynn’s Wedding


Episode 3538 in 2003 saw the wedding of Flynn Saunders & Sally Fletcher, though as with many Summer Bay weddings, the day didn’t go off without a hitch (pun intended). When Sally finally arrived at the ceremony after being thrown off the horse-drawn cart, the heavens opened and the ceremony was rained off. Seeking shelter in the hospital, Flynn convinced Nurse Julie to allow them to perform the ceremony there instead.

The picturesque, and seemingly rural, location originally chosen for the ceremony actually lies in Centennial Park right in the middle of Sydney, only 4km south of the CBD. The same location was also seen in a clever sequence in Episode 2955 back in 2000, when Donald Fisher daydreamed about marrying Judith Ackroyd.


The Lily Pond
Parkes Drive
Centennial Park NSW 2021