Having been kidnapped by Suzy Sadiro in the 2009 season finale, Martha MacKenzie was driven to Chinatown by Derrick Quaid in the opening episodes of 2010. However Angelo Rosetta had also hidden himself in the back seat of the car, and knocked Dennis out, setting Martha free. When Derrick came to and shot at Angelo (the bullet grazing his head), he made his escape into a nearby car park. Angelo set off in pursuit and a fight ensued, but Derrick was finally knocked out by Martha with a fire extinguisher.

The scenes were filmed just south-east of Darling Harbour in Kimber Lane – an alleyway which runs parallel to Dixon Street (the heart of Sydney’s Chinatown) and to the rear of the Darling Harbour Holiday Inn. Derrick turns into the northern half of Kimber Lane via Little Hay Street, with the famous Paddy’s Markets Haymarket building visible at the southern end of Kimber Lane in the background.

The final showdown takes place in the Holiday Inn’s internal car park, with the monorail running along Harbour Street briefly visible outside the window.


Kimber Lane
Haymarket NSW 2000