Jesse & Ken’s Garage

194 Cattai Ridge Road
Maraylya NSW 2765

In late 1999, Jesse McGregor bought an old bodyshop on Beach Road in order to set up his own garage. It only took a matter of weeks before Jesse managed to find himself involved in illegal activity, when an old associate from his criminal past, Mick Dwyer, threatened him into helping strip down stolen cars. … Continue reading Jesse & Ken’s Garage

Ailsa’s Childhood Home

94 Crown Street
Riverstone, NSW 2765

After recently finding out that local lifeguard Shauna Bradley was in fact the daughter she gave up for adoption after she was raped by a guard in prison, Ailsa Stewart decided it was time to exorcise some further demons from her past. She visited her childhood home in Victoria, the place where she had killed … Continue reading Ailsa’s Childhood Home

Hawkesbury Racecourse, Clarendon

Yabbie Creek Racecourse (2010)

Hawkesbury Racecourse
Racecourse Road
Clarendon NSW 2756

In Episodes 5162 & 5163 in 2010, Nicole, Charlie, Angelo and Angelo’s brother Paulo spent the day at the races at Yabbie Creek Racecourse. As is usually the case with racecourse visits, things didn’t quite go to plan—with Paulo losing a considerable amount of money, and Charlie having to jump off the catwalk to tackle … Continue reading Yabbie Creek Racecourse (2010)

West Pennant Hills Community Church 41-43 Eaton Road

Meg’s Funeral

West Pennant Hills Community Church
41-43 Eaton Road
West Pennant Hills NSW 2125

The 1992 storyline between Blake Dean and Meg Bowman became Home and Away‘s most famous tragic love story. Terminally ill with leukaemia, Meg made an instant connection with Blake, but for obvious reasons her mother was against a romance. Eventually she relented and Meg was able to spend her final weeks in a loving relationship … Continue reading Meg’s Funeral

23 Castlereagh Road Wilberforce

Watson House

23 Castlereagh Road
Wilberforce NSW 2756

George Watson (not to be confused with fellow cop Georgina Watson!), was a corrupt police officer who was partnered with Jack Holden for some time in 2007. Jack was witness to George taking bribes, and whilst George told Jack that he wouldn’t continue, Jack still had his suspicions and followed George home in Episode 4524. … Continue reading Watson House

NAB Windsor 141 George St Windsor

Federation Bank (2007)

NAB Windsor
141 George St
Windsor NSW 2756

In Episode 4532 (2007), Irene, Geoff and Martha all visited Frank McIntosh, the branch manager of the Federation Bank in Yabbie Creek, in an attempt to reason with him about taking possession of the Campbell Farm only days after Bruce’s death. In the same episode, the bank was robbed by Colin Marshall, with Jack Holden … Continue reading Federation Bank (2007)

Dural Gardens Bed & Breakfast, 24 Sagars Rd, Dural

Peter & Amanda’s Wedding

Dural Gardens Bed & Breakfast
24 Sagars Rd
Dural NSW 2158

Episodes 4382/4383 (2007) saw the wedding of Amanda Vale to Peter Baker, in the gardens of a grand country house. Being a Summer Bay wedding, things didn’t go smoothly of course, with the ceremony being ruined by Ethan Black (Amanda’s sister Kelli‘s partner in crime) only seconds after Peter had kissed his bride. The wedding … Continue reading Peter & Amanda’s Wedding

Maraylya Hall Boundary Road

Summer Bay Church Hall (1988-1989)

Maraylya Hall
346 Boundary Road
Maraylya NSW 2765

The exterior of the Summer Bay Church Hall was seen prominently in Episodes 57–58 whilst preparations for the Easter dance got underway. It was next seen in 1989, re-branded as the Summer Bay Community Centre, as the location where Martin and Lance were trying to sell their Bunyip toys in Episode 402, with Lance keeping … Continue reading Summer Bay Church Hall (1988-1989)

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Church Kellyville

Summer Bay Catholic Church (1988)

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Kellyville
8 Diana Avenue
Kellyville NSW 2155

In Episode 55 we saw Lynn Davenport visiting Summer Bay’s catholic church (of which she had apparently been a regular member of the congregation) whilst having trouble dealing with her faith following recent events. As Father Rawlings welcomed the Barlow family on their arrival, Lynn couldn’t face entering. Later in the same episode she returned … Continue reading Summer Bay Catholic Church (1988)

Hills Shire Council, Castle Hill

Macklin Group HQ

129 Showground Road
Castle Hill NSW 2154

The Macklin Group was owned by Gordon Macklin and employed various characters in the first couple of years of the show, during the inception of the Macklin owned Sands Resort in Summer Bay. Gordon’s office was located at the company’s main headquarters in ‘the city’, and we caught our first glimpse of them in Episode … Continue reading Macklin Group HQ

15 Annangrove Road Kenthurst

McPhee House

15 Annangrove Road
Kenthurst NSW 2156

In Episode 27, Neville and Floss McPhee decided to pay a visit to their estranged son Scott in the city in a hope to patch things up between them. When Floss arrived however, she was greeted by the housekeeper who mistakenly thought that Floss was there to apply for the job of a nanny to … Continue reading McPhee House

47 Jones Road Kenthurst

Morris House

47 Jones Road
Kenthurst NSW 2156

The home of Carly Morris’ deceptive father George and her twin sister Samantha, this house was seen in Episode 7 when Tom Fletcher paid them a visit. Despite George and Samantha not living in Summer Bay, the real life location of the house couldn’t be nearer – being right next door to the location used … Continue reading Morris House

38 Jones Road Kenthurst

Celia’s House

38 Jones Road
Kenthurst NSW 2156

The exterior of Celia Stewart’s modest home, which was actually her parents home before they emigrated to Tahiti, was first seen in Episode 36 of the show. Strangely, Celia’s house seemed to make it’s last appearance around June 1989 and was never seen again, despite Celia remaining in Summer Bay for a further 10 months … Continue reading Celia’s House

30 Jones Road Kenthurst

Fisher House (1988-1992)

30 Jones Road
Kenthurst NSW 2156

First seen in the pilot episode of the show, this was the location seen as the home of Donald Fisher. It was used frequently for exterior scenes until, having learned the house was subsiding, Donald sold it to fellow Summer Bay resident Joe Bowman in early 1992. Joe then briefly let the house to his … Continue reading Fisher House (1988-1992)

49 Jones Road Kenthurst

Stewart House

49 Jones Road
Kenthurst NSW 2156

The Stewart House was first introduced in Episode 3 of the show as the home of Alf Stewart and his daughter Roo, who had moved there from Summer Bay House a few years earlier following the death of Alf’s wife Martha. Eventually Ailsa moved into the home and the couple stayed there, with their son … Continue reading Stewart House

Summer Bay House & Caravan Park (1988-2002, 2015-)

138 McClymonts Road
Kenthurst NSW 2156

As the only house to still be seen on screen since the Pilot episode, Summer Bay House cannot be described as anything short of iconic. However there may be a few people who are unaware that the house seen frequently in stock shots for several years, was at one point, no longer standing. In December … Continue reading Summer Bay House & Caravan Park (1988-2002, 2015-)

Western Sydney Race Centre 81 Riverstone Parade

Old Tyre Factory

81 Riverstone Parade
Riverstone NSW 2765

In 2005 (Episodes 3951–3953) we saw the conclusion of the ‘Summer Bay Stalker’ storyline, with nurse Zoe McCallister (aka Eve Jacobsen) holding Sally hostage in an old tyre factory just out of town. It was believed that Zoe had died in the resulting explosion but she returned the following year to cause more havoc. Peter … Continue reading Old Tyre Factory

Colonial Motel Richmond

Liam’s Motel

Best Western Colonial Motel
161 March Street
Richmond NSW 2753

In Episode 4864 (2009), Liam Murphy ended up on the roof of his motel whilst high on drugs, Aden went up in an attempt to coax him down and nearly ended up plummeting to the ground following a scuffle. The motel is located in Richmond, approximately 60km northwest of Sydney and near the well used … Continue reading Liam’s Motel

87 Level Crossing Road Vineyard

The Farmhouse

87 Level Crossing Road
Vineyard NSW 2795

In 2007 we were introduced to Bruce Campbell and his grandchildren Geoff and Annie, who lived on a farm a short distance from Summer Bay. The family became integrated into the show with several storylines playing out on the farm until Bruce’s death a few months later. The bank repossessed the farm, and Geoff and … Continue reading The Farmhouse

St John's Anglican Church Wilberforce

St James’ Church (2006-2009)

St John's Anglican Church
43 Macquarie Road
Wilberforce NSW 2756

First seen as the location of Kim Hyde and Rachel Armstrong’s wedding at the end of 2006, this church in Wilberforce was used for Summer Bay’s church for a couple of years. During it’s tenure it was also used for the wedding of Jack Holden to Sam Tolhurst, and was vandalised (on-screen) after the revelation … Continue reading St James’ Church (2006-2009)