Watson House


George Watson (not to be confused with fellow cop Georgina Watson!), was a corrupt police officer who was partnered with Jack Holden for some time in 2007. Jack was witness to George taking bribes, and whilst George told Jack that he wouldn’t continue, Jack still had his suspicions and followed George home in Episode 4524. It was revealed that the reason for George’s activities was to fund treatment costs for his seriously ill daughter. Jack later visited the house again in Episode 4528 when he was invited to a BBQ, where George told Rory to take a picture of Jack with a known criminal, with the intention of framing him. Jack’s suspicions were proven right when George later shot him during a bank robbery he had himself organised.

The real location of the home George shared with his family is in the Hawkesbury town of Wilberforce, whose church was being used in the show at the time.


23 Castlereagh Road
Wilberforce NSW 2756