Federation Bank (2007)


In Episode 4532 (2007), Irene, Geoff and Martha all visited Frank McIntosh, the branch manager of the Federation Bank in Yabbie Creek, in an attempt to reason with him about taking possession of the Campbell Farm only days after Bruce’s death.

In the same episode, the bank was robbed by Colin Marshall, with Jack Holden and George Watson attending the scene. When George was supposedly taken hostage by Colin, Martha, who was hiding in the back room, overheard the two talking and realised that George was in on it. When Jack later followed Colin and George to the rear car park, he witnessed George shooting Colin and realised that George was corrupt. Realising he’d been rumbled, George then shot Jack.

The bank used for filming was the National Australia Bank in the Hawkesbury town of Windsor, an area used frequently by the show. The car park where Jack was shot sits at the rear of the bank, with the entrance off Kable Street.


NAB Windsor
141 George St
Windsor NSW 2756