Colin Marshall

Colin Marshall (2007)
Nathan Page
Episodes: 4528, 4532

Colin was a criminal associate of the corrupt police officer George Watson. George invited him to a barbeque party he was holding for his daughter Jessie and got Jack to pick him up and take him there. When they arrived together, George pretended to Lara that he didn’t know Colin and got Rory to take a photograph of Jack and Colin together. Colin questioned George about the fact Jack didn’t seem to know about the job they were supposed to be doing together but George claimed Jack was just playing it cool.

Colin then held up a bank, at which point George arrived, supposedly trying to stop him, and Colin pretended to take him hostage in order to force the manager, Frank McIntosh, to open the safe. They then emptied it together, unaware Martha was hiding in the office and could hear their conversation. They headed to the back of the bank where Colin’s car was waiting but as he got into the car George shot him in the chest at pointblank range and killed him. He had intended to claim it was self-defence but Jack arrived in time to witness the murder and George’s actions were eventually uncovered.

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